This morning I was reading in Luke 9 about how Jesus sent out the 12 Disciples. It felt so foreign to read that they were anointed with power and authority to cast out unclean spirits and heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness. It made me wonder that if we were living [...]

HOW we love shows WHO we love…

Recently, I met with someone whom I was counseling with on the difficulty of 'Hard Love’. You know, the kind of love that your heart knows you’re to engage in, but your flesh fights it with all resilience. It’s that kind of love that only Jesus talks about. The kind of love that makes you [...]

Living ‘Unoffendable’

We live in a culture now that whatever you do it seems as though everyone is easily offended. One wrong interpretation of a statement can mean a social media blast or even worse, a stain on the intent of your character. I am amazed at the things people get offended at. Vaccinating or not vaccinating, [...]

In the Waiting…

Today, I sit in Kaposvár, Hungary. 26 years ago, on this day, I sat in this same country on my 16th birthday. It was the most defining year of my life. I learned 3 Truths that summer that has shaped my obedience since... 1. I could really trust God; 2. God was and is really [...]