Living ‘Unoffendable’

We live in a culture now that whatever you do it seems as though everyone is easily offended. One wrong interpretation of a statement can mean a social media blast or even worse, a stain on the intent of your character. I am amazed at the things people get offended at. Vaccinating or not vaccinating, [...]

In the Waiting…

Today, I sit in Kaposvár, Hungary. 26 years ago, on this day, I sat in this same country on my 16th birthday. It was the most defining year of my life. I learned 3 Truths that summer that has shaped my obedience since... 1. I could really trust God; 2. God was and is really [...]

Beyond The Noise…

While in my car driving this week I was having a conversation with my mom that struck my heart. She was sharing with me regarding some big decisions she was about to make and made a statement that took me back a few weeks ago when I sat in the Amazon Jungle. She said, “I [...]

Broken wholeness…

Just recently, I returned from a mission trip working with Syrian Refugees. It was such a unique experience. God was faithful in bringing together a team of College Students, Therapists, and Medical Professionals to go and serve the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of the ‘Least of These.’ What I discovered on the trip, though, [...]

Maybe It’s Time….

This past year and a half I have been intentionally exercising 5 days a week trying to get my body in shape. Now, what shape is debatable? With all joking aside, I have tried diligently to live healthier and build my endurance level. I decided to go to the ‘next level’ in my exercising routine [...]