A Redeemed chick who ❤️‘s Jesus A LOT & wants His fame spread to every people, tribe, & nation!

Peggy lives to proclaim the Gospel of Christ no matter what the situation – whether hidden in the floorboard as she’s transported to underground churches in the Middle East or standing in front of 110,000 people in Eastern Europe. Peggy has spoken in many arenas, from convention centers to gypsy camps.

Peggy and her husband, Dr. Joel Nunley, in 2006 founded Breaking Borders, an organization designed to mobilize believers into restricted access nations. Through Breaking Borders, Peggy trains young women to go cross-culturally into North Africa/Middle East to be effective tent-making ministers. Peggy trains and motivates new believers to live the lifestyle of a missionary in lands where the gospel is most restricted. From women coming out of a Muslim background to women held in bondage of their past, Peggy uses teaching as a means to encourage and quip women both locally and abroad. In 2018 Breaking Borders merged with Awe Star Ministries.

God’s call has taken Peggy to over 35 nations. In Africa she assisted church-planting pastors in The Gambia, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, and Nigeria. She has worked with the underground church in Egypt, Sudan & Afghanistan, trekked among the world’s most primitive unreached peoples of

Uganda, and counseled imprisoned women in Panama and diverse parts of Africa. Traveling both stateside and abroad, she challenges the Church to be on-mission with Christ in total abandonment, purity and obedience. Peggy’s passion is to see the glory and fame of King Jesus restored among all peoples.

Peggy is also the mother to four young beautiful children, three biological and one adopted. Peggy believes the local church is God’s means to restore hope to the hopeless and fulfill the great commission to all nations, tribes, and peoples.

While stateside Peggy serves as President of Awe Star Missions. A Discipleship/Evangelistic Sending agency training Students (high school & college), Women, Families and Medical Profesionals how to walk out the lifestyle of a missionary while doing Jesus Ministry around the world.  Peggy and her husband, believe God is working locally & globally to restore the fame of Christ among all people.

Peggy believes the Great Commission is her personal responsibility to fulfill by going and mobilizing generations, in order to usher in the return of Christ.

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