“Expect Great things from God, Attempt Great things for God”…

I had just done a teaching with 30 high school and college students quoting William Carey’s classic motto, “Expect Great things from God, Attempt Great things for God” We were gearing ourselves up to head out for a full day of ministry, but we had no idea what God had in store for us. For 3 weeks we were nestled in an Islamic country looking for ways to serve, give, love, and share the gospel.

One Sunday evening we had ventured to the beach shore to have a time of fellowship, prayer, and worship. To our surprise as we approached the beach we began hearing music, people shouting and laughing. Families of all sizes and ages covered the beach like the sand does the shore. We huddled our little group and decided we would pray for about 5 minutes and then go out and talk with the people. I mean, how could we pass up an opportunity to share the gospel with literally hundreds of people? It was incredible! We talked, prayed and shared with more people then we could count. It was amazing!

We decided that night we would return one week later (the next Sunday night) and do our ministry drama on the beach. This drama was our tool to share the gospel and chronologically show Biblical stories in a way that was culturally relevant and in the language of the people. We decided to arrange translators to meet us and prayed earnestly for when we could return.

The week couldn’t pass quick enough. In a country like we were in, you didn’t see crowds this size unless you were in the middle of a traffic jam in the local market; then you would be competing with a goat, meat cart or motorbike to weave your way through. We knew God had shown us this beach, so we could share the gospel on a larger scale.

Sunday night arrived and we headed to the beach. Expectation was high and we were ready to make a great attempt to be bold with the gospel. To our utter amazement, not only was the beach full this time, but there was a concert size stage right in the middle of where we were planning to do our drama! I knew then, this wasn’t by accident. I mean, what are the chances that the place we had prayed over for a week to share the gospel  was now gathered, by not the hundreds, but thousands of people, would now have a huge stage right in the middle of it? I will tell you, 100% with God every time!

I turned to our translator and said, “Look, God has arranged us a stage!” She turned to me and said, ” Peggy, I’m sorry but they will never let you on there. It is for the soccer tournament and Africell is using it to gain business.”  I turned to Fatou and said, ” Let’s see what God does!”

Within minutes I was talking with the person in charge. I proposed an offer he couldn’t refuse! I told him I had 30 Americans who were doing cultural exchange and they just happened to have a drama they could do for Africell’s audience. I said,”When these Americans get on stage the whole beach will watch and listen.”  I assured him it would help his business go further and help ours as well.

He called a higher upper and it was set! We got on stage and performed a drama that retold the story of Christ to thousands on the beach and on National TV in a nation that is 96% Islamic with 16 Unreached people groups.

Can I say it again, “Expect Great things from God, Attempt Great things for God”

We began by asking God for a beach, but He had a nation waiting.

How is God asking you to raise your expectations in how He can use you? Are you really willing to attempt great things for God? What could He have waiting for you, at the end of your expectation?

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