Changing One Word in my day turned my living “Out of Sorts” to living On Mission…

I love reflecting on the adventures God has taken me on in the past. I get such joy out of recalling the details of how He moved  at the exact moment that I needed Him most. How in my crisis he was right there providing and comforting. In fact, I wish every morning I would remember, reflect, and remind myself of God‘s faithfulness. I wish I could push a ON button in my heart daily that would automatically place a continual consciousness and awareness of God’s power and presence all day long.

You see, I really work hard at practicing His presence. I wake up each morning early. I have a daily quiet time, digging through His Word. I listen to worship music. I turn on my favorite podcasts that preach Truth to me. I do audiobooks that remind me how big God is and how He’s always moving mountains. But for some reason throughout my day I often get what is often termed, “Out Of Sorts.”

A bill comes in I didn’t expect, my kid wakes up with a fever, a church member phones of a conflict, and then I start stressing over all the things on my “to do” list that are still incomplete.

It’s like one crisis after another and all of the sudden, I’m not just “out of sorts.”  I loose my God consciousness and forget His power and His comforting presence.
I’m not ready in season or out! I’m completely distracted from my purpose and my God. In the chaos I’ve lost my God consciousness and I’m focused on the issue at hand.

I know I’m not alone in this. As I speak with others, they tell me this is normal. That it’s just part of life. But is it? Is this really just “normal” life?

You see when I step into a dark nation to share the gospel. I’m on guard. Most places I go, the darkness is so dark, it feels like a heavy blanket over your soul. The weight of lostness and absence of truth is breathtaking. In those moments, I’m actually less distracted and more focused. Obstacles come but I’m ready. I know my God is able. I expect Him to move powerfully. My focus stays on Him and not the problem.

So what’s the difference? Why do here at home I get out of sorts over such small challenges and on the mission field I’m ready in season and out?

I think the difference is Purpose. You see when I go to a place I know is dark, I’m ready. My heart has been set with purpose that I am On Mission. I’m there for one purpose. To make my God known among a people who do not know Him.

So I’ve decided that to practice the daily presence and consciousness of God, I have to embrace the mentality- that I live On Mission, On Purpose 24 hrs a day.

You know what happens when I do this? Well the chaos doesn’t stop, but in the middle of it I pray and ask God to help me see His plan in it. Am I home today to minister to my sick kid? Or is He wanting to enlarge my heart to trust Him more with my finances, so I’ll be ready to give more when He asks?
Am I delayed because He has a divine encounter waiting? There is someone that needs to hear the gospel and my delay, just provided the opportunity for me to run into them, just at the right time?
It’s amazing when you practice purpose in your day – How much you see God work, not only in you but in others!
So how about you? Are you living “Out of Sorts” feeling completely “Out of Season” forgetting the incredible God that has empowered you and moves the highest mountains with just a thought—Or are you seizing the moment and practicing His presence with purpose? Maybe it’s time you begin starting your day with this prayer, “ God show me your “Purpose” today!


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