Does God Ordain The “Spiritual” Sucker Punch?

We have all had those moments, right? When it feels like your trying your hardest and all you need is for everything to remain stable enough to get through the crisis. Your okay with change, just not in the middle of when your trying to hold down the fort.

I don’t know about you, but I have experienced way too many, of those what I call, “spiritual” sucker punches!

It feels like the Judas kiss from a friend that walks away in the moment you need them most. Or when that financial need comes, right at the moment you need everything to not break down until the next month! Or maybe it’s that diagnosis from the doctor, you prayed you would never hear.

Those moments never seem to come when the waters are calm and peaceful. When you feel you would be more stable, sane, and on guard to handle the news or embrace the trial. No, the “spiritual” sucker punch always seem to come, right when we think we can’t handle one more thing.

So I’ve been asking the question of late- Does God ordain the “spiritual” sucker punch? Does He hold back just enough grace in those hard moments to allow the sinful nature of man, the state of a fallen world, or the corruptness of our flesh to experience that feeling of, “it just feels too much!”

I’ve concluded- He does. He joyfully allows the “spiritual”sucker punch in those seemingly insane moments – not to destroy us or even discourage us. But to get our hearts in a place to truly trust Him. The Bible says, “our heart is deceitfully wicked above all else, who knows it?” He reminds us over and over again through scripture, “when we are weak, He makes us strong”, when we feel like giving up “ Only be still, watch this day as the Lord fights for you.”

I’ve concluded His love is so strong and fierce for us, that He allows all hell to break loose, so ALL hell WILL break loose from us. He pushes back the darkness in our darkest moments and shines the light of His truth in ways we can only see most clearly then when we feel overwhelmed, out of control, or weak. Yes, He ordains the “spiritual sucker punch” so we will return to our healer, our deliverer, our conquerer, our Father, our friend.

I don’t know what your going through today, but let me encourage you to embrace the difficult moments and let God minister to your hurting heart. His plans are always bigger, brighter, and more glorious than we could ever image. He is always good. Always in control. Always, Always working for your good and His glory. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. He is always Re-making us in our un-making, every time!

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