I Had Been Asking The Wrong Question, For Years…

It seems like yesterday I was just a kid trying to figure out all the big decisions in life. What classes should I take? What test did I need to pass to qualify for the college I desired? What career should I choose? Who will I marry? Or is God calling me to singleness? The list goes on and on.

Once all those questions got answered, more inevitably came. Should I do the internship or focus on school? Go on a mission trip or work to save money? Buy or rent? Have kids or wait? The lurking questions just kept coming.

In the midst of all the choices I was having to make, a deeper, burning desire lied unanswered within me. What was God’s will? Was I going to mess it all up if I chose the wrong thing, married the wrong person, or missed that one opportunity?

So I stressed. I worried. I asked every godly person I knew if they had the secret to knowing God’s will. I was looking for the golden ticket on knowing the “perfect” will of God. I didn’t want to be that person. You know, the one who ended up somehow in the “permissive” will but missing the “perfect” will, all because I made the wrong choice.

With all the stress coming from my uncertainty, I came to a point where all I could do was stop, earnestly pray, and take a deep look into God’s Word.

Once I finally stopped, it was as if a dam broke through all the endless flow of questions and finally I heard God speak. Not with an audible voice, but through His Word. He immediately brought a supernatural peace into my triggered anxiety with one simple scripture; Psalm 37:23 which says, “God directs the steps of the godly and delights in the details of their life.”

For the first time, all the anxiety from my unanswered wanderings ceased. I realized in that moment that I had been asking the wrong question my WHOLE life! It was not a question of, “What is God’s will?” but, “How can I most glorify God in all my endless options?

You see, I realized when I read Psalm 37:23 that all of the details of my life are held in the hands of a sovereign, loving, safe Father. He was not asking me to walk a maze that I did not understand, making intentional decisions based on circumstances that were unknown and uncertain.

No, my Father was taking great delight in giving me endless opportunities to bring Him great glory through all the boundless choices I faced every day. He was filling my life with details that brought Him delight.

He asked me only to mirror Him, seek Him first and love Him with all of my heart, mind, soul and strength. When I did this, He would take care of the rest. It was my job to live godly, empowered by His Holy Spirit. He wasn’t going to let the details of my life go wrong.

I would not end up in a second-best life, hand-me-down purpose, or average delights. No, He who created the heavens out of nothingness, formed matchless fingerprints on His creation, and breathed into the dust to create the first human life, was absolutely trustworthy enough to bring uniqueness and purpose in taking delight in the details of my life. –Wow!

It was as if the burden of heaven was lifted off of my shoulders. I could walk in the freedom to live, love, and enjoy God. I was free to fulfill, create, and be who God created and called me to be. I was free to decide and not fear I would choose wrong. I could walk as an image bearer of my Heavenly Father, knowing He was directing my steps. Each decision He fills me with passion and purpose for those things that I was created to love, and use them to bring him glory. Directing my daily steps and delighting in the details of how my life could unfold for his glory alone.

I don’t know what decision, burden, or sea of choices are resting in front of you, but let me encourage you to STOP asking the wrong question and start asking the right one. Don’t worry about knowing the will of God, instead begin asking God how you can bring Him most glory with all the opportunities given to you.

Remember, you will not do it wrong if you are letting him direct your steps. He only asks you merely to pursue godliness and let him take care of the details.

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