I Resolve…

I love the first of the year. I get excited as I pray about what the next year will hold. I always pray God will give me a word or a verse that will be a “theme” for what He has planned for me.

You see, I have a big imagination. When I travel I can often hear music (mostly mission impossible or some cool techno spy beat) playing in the background. I remember, years ago, my husband and I were flying through Riyadh, Saudi Arabia coming from Egypt going to the United Arab Emirates. We knew God had given us a unique opportunity to have a lay over in this Islamic city. So we filled our carry-on bags with Arabic Bibles and smuggled them into a country where the Word of God is prohibited. It was intense. I never felt so incredibly scared- courageous- and excited all at once!

We landed, got off the plane, and were immediately escorted to a security check point where they searched our bodies and then our bags. I could see and hear Tom Cruise walking with us, checking every corner, pulling down his spy glasses and watching every move of the security agents…then …dun dun…dun dun dun…dun dun… dun dun dun-…Began!

The guards took my bag and opened it. As they were opening it, a few Arabic Bibles began sliding out. Joel and I both froze. We knew what would happen if they saw them. We prayed, stared at the Bible’s…then prayed more,– we prayed that God would blind their eyes and that we would not be imprisoned that day! The guards seemed to look right at the Bibles- but something happened. Something strange. Something supernatural! They slammed the bag shut and yelled- “Get out of here!!!!” The music changed! I could now hear the hallelujah choir begin to sing “Our God is an Awesome God, He reigns from Heaven above..”

God blinded their eyes! He championed the mission and gave us safe passage to fulfill His plan. He safeguarded us against the plans of Satan to kill, steal, and destroy! In that moment all I could think was, “Risk is right, in Christ- ALWAYS!!!!”

So as I’ve prayed about this year, I hear a gentle voice in my heart saying, “Submit”. This is my Word! This year is about submitting to His ways over mine, His plan over my plans, His purpose, over my purposes.

You see, I have a lot of transitions ahead of me. No doubt some will be harder than others. But I hear Jesus saying “Trust Me as you submit to Me. Give Me your anxious thoughts, your weary hands, your wondering heart. Give Me your deepest dreams, unfulfilled ambitions, and secret desires. Give Me your fears, your flaws, your past failures. Submit your life and let Me lead you, guide you, fulfill you. Let Me prosper you, heal you, comfort you. Submit your plans and let Me purpose the promises I have spoken over your life.”

So I resolve to “Submit” this year. To submit my limited plans, my narrow purposes, and my too small dreams- so I can see Him fulfill His unlimited Plans, immeasurable Purposes, and unstoppable Promises over my life.

What about you? Do you have a word or a verse for this year? Have you dreamed too small or limited God’s purpose over your life? Maybe it’s time to pray and ask God to speak His Promises over your life this next year! – Maybe you will even begin to hear some theme music in the background too!

—-this blog will self-destruct in 5 seconds….

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