“Expect Great Things from God…”

Today I sat with a couple that had just won 10 non-churched kids to Christ! All in a public school –Christian after school program. Their eyes filled with tears as they talked about how God showed up at the right time and just moved on the children.

As they talked I kept rehearsing in my mind the famous quote by the Missionary, William Carey, “ ’Expect’ Great Things From God…” their expectation was high and they knew God’s desire was for these kids to know Christ. But what my mind kept racing to was the second part of this quote, “ ‘Attempt’ Great Things for God! ” You see not only does this couple share the gospel at home, they are preparing to give their summer away to take a team of students to remote areas of Peru, typically called the “Dark Corridor” to share the gospel.

Tears filled their eyes as they reminisced of all the incredible things through the years of what they have seen God do, but that wasn’t enough. Their expectation is high as they prepare to go to places they have never been. Because they ‘Expect’ great things from God – they are risking it all to ‘Attempt’ great things for God!

What a challenge and a charge to every Christian. How often do we dwell in the past and remember, “ Once upon a time, ” God did this or that and forget to ‘Expect’ therefore we never ‘Attempt’! We lose out on the adventure and joys of serving Christ.

This couple has grandkids and could easily say that this season of adventure is beyond them, but ‘NO’ they refuse to believe the lie that they were created to just survive and live comfortable. They are shouting ‘NO’ through their lives! They are and we are created to thrive in Christ.

After our meeting I had to rush out the door to catch a flight. Worried it was gonna be cancelled because of a winter storm, I raced to get through security and watch my phone for weather updates. But as soon as I got on my first flight the Holy Spirit brought me back to the heart of that meeting.

Can I trust God by setting my expectation high that He has good plans for me, even when my circumstance is bleak? Can I set my ‘Expectation’  high that He will do ‘Great Things’ despite my outcome? Will I ‘Attempt’ great things for Him, even if it is uncomfortable or difficult?

The answer? YES! When I rub shoulders with hero’s of the faith like this, it challenges me and encourages me to think bigger, dream further, ‘Expect’ higher, and risk more!

As I write this I sit in Chicago with a cancelled flight stuck in lines trying to haggle the airlines for some free room and board. 😂. But in my heart, I’m asking, “God, what ‘Great Things’ have you preplanned for me in this city?” My interruption is a God opportunity to step into ‘Expectation’ of what God may be arranging!

What about you? Are you living in “Expectation” that drives you to ‘Attempt’ great things for God? Let me encourage you- DON’T SETTLE! Life is an adventure and the Creator of the universe is always working in the backdrop waiting for you to ‘Attempt’ great things for Him!

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