Be Anxious For Nothing…

Recently I had what I would call a “meltdown.”  I know, I know, I’m a 40 year old woman. Do I seriously still have meltdowns?!

Please,  no judgement. I know I’m not alone in this! So, yes, yes I do!  I’m not proud of it, but it happens, right?!🤦‍♀️

I was at home working on packing to leave the country in a few days.  My husband had left to take my girls to dance. I had just talked to our Realtor about coming the next day to take  photos of our house, so we could finally get it on the market. (—Super important considering we are moving in less than 6 months!! .—😳)

Calmly, I spoke with her. But the moment I put the phone down I got this overwhelming sense that I was about to throw up! Instantly, I wanted to run into my closet to hide and cry! What in the world?—What was happening to me?! In a split second,  I went from complete calm to this sense that everything was moving so fast and so out of control!  My mind was racing and all I could do was focus on the mountains of laundry I still had  put up, floors I needed to clean, toys I needed to hide – ha,ha – I mean, pack up – and a zillion bathrooms I needed to scrub!!!Overwhelmed,  I began texting my husband saying, “I NEED help!” I’m sure he was thinking, “Yes, yes you do!” 🤪

My imagination began rolling. I could see the realtor coming and the photographer looking at my home refusing to take pictures because it wasn’t clean enough, packed enough, prepped enough. I felt helpless, sick and emotionally paralyzed.

Ever been here, so overwhelmed and feeling incredibly out of control? Feeling like all that could go wrong and all that needed to be done collided with emotional insecurity and feelings of no matter what you did – you were not enough?

You see,  my personality is a push forward – make it happen – never slow down type of personality. If we aren’t moving then we aren’t working! Even my watch tracks me several times a day and says, ” BREATHE!” Unfortunately, to my fault,  there are times I rush to quickly and push to hard and commit too much. I forget I can say “No” or that I have options of “Not Yet.” 

In a complete melt down mode I begin to pray. Not what I would call a really spiritual prayer, but more like…“Dear Jesus, what have I done? Why am I so insane to think I could do all this with less than 72 hours before leaving the country! What is wrong with me?!!!” Yeah, not real spiritual.

You know what I love about Jesus? – He always meets us in our mess. Not HIS mess, but OUR self-created messes!

And there He was….In all calmness and gentleness reminding me, He has this! He owns the world and everything in it ( Psalms 24). I did not have to fear trying to DO IT ALL– I needed only to trust.

I looked over at a wooden sign we have in our living room that has a huge scripture on it. It’s says,“Be still, and know that I am God…” 

Instantly, I began to feel calmer. I texted the realtor and told her we needed to wait on pictures. In fact, we needed to wait on listing until we got back in the country.

Did I mention I HATE waiting and delaying?!! But as soon as I LET GO, I felt HIS calming presence and supernatural peace!

The Bible says, “Be anxious for nothing, in everything by prayer and supplications let your request be made known to God..” (Philippians 4:6-8)

Can I share something with you? God really does give us ALL we need to “Be anxious for nothing.” His Word really IS true and trustworthy. He really does meet us in our peak of anxiety and messy freak out moments!

The question is- will you let Him? Will you pray and seek and LET GO? Will you choose to take your hands off and entrust your circumstance, relationship, crazy emotional melt down moments to Him? Will you choose to remember and embrace that, “He owns the world and all that is in it, even the people who dwell in it?” 

Let me encourage you – He IS and always WILL BE faithful. You can bank on the fact He NEVER changes and His ways are ALWAYS better.

Today, is about YOU trusting Him to be everything your not and ALL that He is! —-Be Anxious For Nothing….😊

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this story with us! It’s overwhelming!


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