Recently I had the opportunity to sit with some folks that were walking in a lot of hopelessness.

They had lost their home, ran out of their own country, watched helplessly as tragedy struck their family. They were traumatized by their loss and paralyzed emotionally by their pain. They sat in front of me weeping.

They could not see hope. They had lost belief in God’s goodness. Everything in their life was out of their control.

I sat, listened, wept, and searched for words that could bring comfort.

Honestly, my words fell short.

I wish I could have come up with a profound response. A response that carried a magical wand that could have ‘magically’ tapped their heart and brought instant healing. A wand that could restore their possessions and bring back their lost sons, daughters, siblings, and parents back to life! A wand that could affirm their identity and fill them with worth, value, and hope.

But no wand exists. You see, Fairytales are just that – ‘Fairytales.’

But what I did have I gave. I empathized with their loss, identified with their pain, and brought my own broken pieces to the table and told them they were not alone in their suffering.

I shared how in my most hopeless moments, God remained faithful. That scripture promises ‘He will NEVER leave us and NEVER forsake us.’ (Hebrew 13:5)

In our ‘valley of the shadow of death, ‘ He will walk with us, comfort us and give us His ‘rod and staff’ to protect us.

I told my story of loss. My battle with fear, shame, and doubt. How trauma and abuse had numbed me and how Jesus met me in the midst of my mess. In the shadow of my own despair, God proved His faithfulness. Time and time again He proved He was there for me.

When we put our trust in Jesus, it isn’t empty facts or false promises. Trust in Christ fills us with hope, comfort, and purpose.

His Word says, ‘God causes ALL THINGS to work together for GOOD ( not evil) for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.’

I don’t know what you’re going through today. Let me encourage you that whatever it is, even in our darkest, hardest moments in life – HE IS THERE, He has gone before you and sits with you and has plans already laid out before you. HE IS THERE every step of the way.

Even the refugee that has lost all, finds HOPE in Christ! The abandoned mom, the abused child, and the forsaken friend, always finds HOPE in Jesus!

Hope is universal when the gospel is preached and received.

To my refugee friend – Jesus IS good and HE will help you. To those that are reading this – HE is good, in control, and makes no mistakes. He will help you, comfort you and deliver you.

Fairytales and magic wands may not exist, but, Oh how I thank God –that the Gospel does! The Gospel does what fairytales cannot do.

Today my friend… I pray the Gospel will do in you, what this world has stolen from you. Remember. “HE IS FAITHFUL – ALWAYS.”

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