“What My Momma NEVER Told Me…”

Here lately I’ve been thinking about what it means to live Authentically, Serve Fearlessly, and Love Whole-Heartily.

Thinking on these things took me to the book of Genesis chapters 1 and 2. I began digging through the Hebrew texts about the forming of the first WOman. I wanted to know How was she formed? How was she different than the man.  How was she unique?

I wanted to know, not only the how’s, but, the what’s of the WOman. What was her purpose – before the fall? What role was she given to fulfill? What image was she to reflect?

I want to be a WOman that lives Authentic  to my God Ordained Purpose and God Reflecting Identity.

You see… recently, I was with an incredible MiddleEastern Believer that counsels Syrian Refugees through their trauma. She told me that in one of her group therapy sessions she asked the WOmen  if they had ever ‘Thanked God’ that they had been created a WOman?  The answer was a unanimous overwhelming – NO!!  In their culture to be a WOman is to be property. They are always  living at the end of a mans decision and desire. In fact, they couldn’t even imagine ‘Thanking God”. For these WOmen, being a WOman always brings shame, sorrow and many times, abuse.

My friend began to share with each of them that they had been ‘Uniquely Crafted’ by God with Value, Worth, Purpose, and Dignity. Though their culture had allowed many men to violate and shame them, they were not created for shame, but as ‘Beautiful Reflectors‘  of God’s glory. They are, in fact,  a ‘Prized Creation’ of God’s with FULL Value, Worth, and Destiny – just like a man. 

As I listened I realized something. I had NEVER “Thanked God” that I was born a WOman either.

Now don’t get me wrong – I love being a WOman! I love make-up, accessories, shopping, highlights and going to the bathroom or anywhere else – in groups!

At an early age I was abused. I came to realize early in life how vulnerable I was to the control and shame of a man. As I grew older, I learned in ministry that giftedness and calling doesn’t always mean opportunity and affirmation. I also realized that stepping into leadership doesn’t always equate position or titles, when you are a WOman.

The injustice of gender in most cultures make it hard at times to live Authentic, because you either walk in shame or find yourself fighting too hard to prove you have a right at the table.

So, today I “Thanked Jesus” – I was born a WOman.

I was ‘Created  in His Own Image – In  the Image of God – Blessed by God – AND-  Commissioned to “Be Fruitful, To Multiply, To Fill The Earth, To Subdue It, To Rule Over Every  Living Thing That Moves  On The Earth.’ (Genesis 1:27-28 )

I was CREATED and COMMISSIONED with AUTHORITY to bear HIS IMAGE, Spread HIS Fame, Multiply HIS Church, and Walk in HIS AUTHORITY for HIS Kingdom Advancement.

My role and purpose is not limited to social injustice or cultural norms. I was born to be an ‘Image Bearer’ of my King —as a WOman!

Because of this, I CAN model hero’s of our faith like Deborah, who judged and prophesied in a time when social norms would have disqualified her.

I CAN serve fearlessly because social norms and cultural limitations are NOT limits to a God who anoints, calls, and promotes. He is a God who does not bias His gifting and callings by gender but by Grace.

I CAN love whole-heartily because I am made whole in Whom I have believed!

I don’t have to hold back or fear I will love too much, because ‘Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down His life for his friends..’ (John 15:13) Scripture is for Male AND Female. Man AND WOman.

For every follower of King Jesus – we have been empowered to supernaturally love with not just our capacity, but the capacity of His Spirit who dwells in each of us.

Today I rejoice, that I was born a WOman.

I CAN lead like Deborah, Risk it all like Ester, Negotiate like Abigale, and Anoint the feet of my Savior through ‘preaching the value of Jesus” – just like Mary Magdalene.

Oh, and did I mention THE most powerful leader in the world was developed by a WOman- “THANK- YOU, Mary! “

My Momma  never told me that I couldn’t be all God crested me to be, because I was a WOman… NO!.. she told me, ‘BE ALL GOD CREATED YOU TO BE —AS A WOMAN!’

So today, if you are a WOman – take a moment and “Thank God” for making YOU His Image Bearer on this earth!!

Did I mention I love to shop? – Cause that is a pure bonus for being a WOman!!

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  1. Great post! I love being a woman. I am created in the image of a Holy and Righteous God

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