Who Told You That?

This past year I have been doing a lot of ‘soul-searching’ to discover what ‘lies’ I have adopted as ‘truth’ in my life.

For example, for two years I avoided and refused to believe that I was qualified to step into a ministry role where I would lead a non-profit mission organization. I kept telling myself, “God will raise up a man for this role.” Somewhere, somehow, I accepted the idea that because I was a female I was not qualified to lead in certain areas. Honestly, no one told me this…  At least, not directly or formally.

I felt led, called, and even prayed earnestly for God to raise this person up. I believed wholeheartedly in the work of this ministry. In fact, this particular ministry held a special place in my heart because of the impact it had on my own faith and boldness to share the gospel. But, despite these life changing experiences and feeling called, I never considered myself to be the ‘right pick’, simply because I was a female and not a male.

Honestly, this ‘thinking’ was so ingrained in my heart and mind, that I didn’t tell a soul about my hidden struggle of feeling called or my heart’s desire to be obedient. It was just fact. I was a ‘WOman’, therefore, not in the ‘running’ for such a position.  This was an accepted reality in my thinking that had no counter argument.

Well….that was my ‘practicing truth’ until the day I received an email. It was sent by the President/Founder (and my lifelong mentor) of this organization. He told me he would be closing the doors if God didn’t raise up an ‘Elisha’ to replace him. Despite the internal lie I had been listening to, and had ‘accepted’ as ‘Gospel truth’, it was when I heard him say those words that the Holy Spirit gripped my heart and I just knew… This was ‘The Moment’…

You know, that one moment in life that if you don’t ‘RISK IT ALL,’ you will live in regret the rest of your life.

It was like I had a ‘Holy Push’ to act and lay it all out. An ‘Ester Moment’…. “If I perish, I perish!”…..I had to make it known the hidden call I felt deep in my soul.

So I did….. I took the plunge and ‘risked’ the ingrained norm in my head that I was disqualified, because I was a female, and laid it all bare.

I felt called! I felt led! I felt this was God’s plan for me and my family!  I felt deeply that I was ‘hand crafted’ by God to step into this role!  Not as a job, but as a ‘Calling!’  It was one of the hardest and scariest moments of my life. Every uncertainty, doubt, insecurity, and failure raced through my mind and heart.

Have you ever had a moment like this? A moment where your hidden lies are confronted with God’s direct calling to obey ‘against’ those sceaming voices shouting lies in your head?

To say it’s not easy is an understatement! It’s downright terrifying!! In fact, it feels more unnatural to obey than cave to the ‘accepted lie’ in these moments.

I Can only imagine that the apostles had many moments like this one. When their cultural norms, traditional beliefs, or ingrained lies about the coming Christ were confronted with the call to break the mold and ‘RISK IT ALL’ to obey Jesus.  When Saul was knocked off his horse, confronted by Jesus and commissioned to “Jesus ministry” over his faithful dedication to “Jewish Pharisaical Law.”—You know, he had to battle ingrained lies, over the Truth, God was now calling Him to follow.

The lies that rest in our head sometimes are hidden from our own heart. I love that in God’s faithfulness, He never ‘accepts’ those lies as the governing truth over our lives. He doesn’t limit His calling, anointing, or purpose, just because we don’t believe we are ‘qualified’ or the ‘best choice’ for the job.  No, God qualifies us, sometimes before, we even know we are qualified!

Today, I want to encourage you to ask God, ‘What lies have You accepted as truth over your life?’  Who told you, you can’t or you shouldn’t or you aren’t qualified to be everything God has called you to be?’

Don’t be afraid to be a little risky, act a little more boldly, and fully embrace those uncharted areas Christ has been calling you to obey. You may be surprised where God may take you! I promise, it will always be an amazing adventure when you choose ‘Truth’ over those ‘accepted lies.’

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