Today I’m boarding a plane to take two of my four kids to Mexico for a Spring Break Mission Trip with Awe Star Ministries.

Two years ago our whole family went on this trip. My husband and I felt that we needed to do a “FAMILY” mission.

What made this particular trip especially unique was that my husband and I were not in charge. You see, our kids are already on their third passport. They have been to multiple nations stretching from Asia to the Middle East. On every mission trip, through the years, my husband and I have been busy organizing mobile medical clinics, discipleship, and outreach efforts. So, two years ago we decided we wanted to join our kids on a mission trip where they would be the main focus. A trip where they got to lead and we got to support what God was doing in their lives. It was the best investment our family has ever made. 

During this trip we got to share as our sons, then age 7 and 9, led their first people to Jesus. We were able to witness them share ‘THEIR STORY OF FAITH’ for the first time as they stood in front of crowds of people in markets and parks, utilizing a local Mexican Translator . It was beautiful and heart melting!

I remember the day each one of our sons led their first person to Jesus. Because they were kids, they focused on reaching out to other kids their age. They prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to direct their steps and fill their mouth with words and heart with boldness. In fear and trembling, they each took their first step of faith and we got to witness, first hand, them share the gospel with their first souls. 

I don’t know who was more exited?— me or them! I wept, laughed, and smiled for days!

As a parent, it is overwhelming and sobering when you see your child come to faith in Christ. But the moment you see them own it and step out boldly to share it, well,  that’s beyond any emotion I know how to put in words!  It’s a moment all your years of praying comes to a climax and all your hopes and dreams connects with reality.

We have prayed since the day our children were born; actually,  before they were born, that God would call them out as missionaries to places of the world that have never heard the gospel. We have asked God to take their natural love for things like rice, foreign languages, spicy foods, and adventurous spirits to advance the gospel and call them to areas of the world that mimicked their own desires.

Today I get the privilege of reinvesting and supporting my oldest son and daughter as they take another step of faith.

How about you? Are you a parent? How are you raising missionaries out of your children? Are you teaching and training them to put their knowledge to skills, that they have learned in Sunday school and Children’s Church?

Over and over again,  as a parent I have had to re-release my children back to God. I know they don’t belong to me, but to Jesus. Sometimes we work so hard protecting them from being hurt emotionally or injured physically, we forget to release them to be trained spiritually.

I encourage you today, if you are a parent, ask yourself….”How am I teaching and training my child to be a ‘BOLD WITNESS’ for the gospel? Have I released them to be ‘EVERYTHING’ God is calling them to be, so they can fulfill their purpose in His Kingdom?”

If you are looking for a way to ‘RELEASE’  your child to be challenged, discipled, and positioned to put skills to their faith, I encourage you to check out Www.AweStar.org.

The best investment you can make in your child, is to show them the value of following & serving Jesus!

“Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

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