Hidden In Plain Sight…

On the door step of Hell our students stood pushing back darkness. A brothel on one side and an open market on the other side. The wall of the brothel separated light from darkness. Men began climbing to the top of the wall when they heard the music of the gospel drama our students were performing.

Hell began to shake as God pushed back the smoke of darkness that covered the people’s eyes and hearts, like dust on a gravel road. God showed up! Hearts were transformed and many came to Christ.

This was the scene last week as I helped to lead a team of student Missionaries in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

What amazed me in these moments was not the intensity of ministry, but the blind perception to reality. Most of us walked into the market thinking it was just ‘another’ ministry site. We were completely unaware of the intense levels of darkness that operated only a few feet away from us.

When I realized the reality of where I was standing, I began to pray differently.

How much of this scene depicts much of our lives? We are going along and never are ‘ spiritually aware’ of the intense battles of darkness that are hidden and happening all around us.

Let me encourage you today to pray and ask God to open your ‘spiritual eyes’ to the battles that wage war in your home, the principalities and powers that want to divide your marriage, and the blankets of darkness that want to blind your children.

I was taught a big lesson this last week. I learned that darkness never rests. Whether we are consciously aware or seemingly blind to its presence and chameleon ways, it is ‘ALWAYS’ hidden in plain sight ready to kill, steal, and destroy.

However, I was also reassured of a great promise! Where darkness hides, the light of the gospel, when presented, is powerful. The gospel exposes, takes atmosphere, and rescues those bound by the lies of the enemy.

Today as I choose to step out and continue my missionary journey as a Disciple of Christ, ‘I choose light!’

I choose to be aware and strategic in my prayers. I choose to see what’s in ‘plain sight’ hiding in darkness, and declare light and hope to those caught in its destructive path.

I choose to pray for you, that you will be present and aware of the influence and power you possess in Christ to break barriers and conquer lies that the enemy has whispered into the hidden areas of your heart.

The Bible says, “ We are the light of the world, a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden…” Matt 5:14

Where are you shining your light today?

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