I received an anticipated new shirt in the mail this week. It is a football jersey that has, ‘Proverbs 31 Woman’ written on it. I waited for this shirt to be delivered ALL…… week.

I finally got to wear it yesterday and woke up feeling energized…like, “I have this day!” But, as the day persisted I got calls, texts, and diverse circumstances that quickly diminished my “Proverbs 31 Confidence”

Near the end of the day, my husband noticed my shirt and complimented me on it.  However, instead of me receiving the compliment, I looked at him and said, “It should say Proverbs 31 – FAIL!”

Of course I’m married to a great, {wise} man who instantly rebuttaled my comment and said, “No that isn’t true!”

When he said this, I started telling him about my day. I’m not sure how much he was actually listening; but, for some reason, I began listening. I could hardly believe how, in a matter of less than 12 hours of waking up FULL of CONFIDENCE and EXCITEMENT to wear my new shirt, that I was allowing it to ‘Discourage’ me instead of ‘Encourage’ me.

What happened?? What lie did I buy into that convinced me I was a FAIL over the truth that I am ‘Everything’ God has called me to be?

I’ve been studying Proverbs 31 for a few weeks and have come to realize that the description of this incredible woman, aka. ‘#WonderWoman’, was not a checklist of all she did in a day, but of a letter from a Mother to her son. A letter encouraging him how to recognize and praise traits exemplified in a Godly woman. It was NEVER meant for women to be compared, but to help men find ways to praise Women of Valor for the Godly characteristics displayed throughout a women’s life.

So why do women, like myself, know this, but STILL move into the trap of comparison? As I thought through my own thoughts, feelings, and then resulted action, I realized the shirt represented all I ‘Desire’ to be.

Reality is…. that I just don’t always measure up. I fail, I fall short, I loose ‘#WonderWoman’ perspective. I feel discouraged, I fight temptation, I struggle, I am just NOT ‘#WonderWoman’. I am just a ‘Woman’.

Truth is… that’s the point! Proverbs 31 was written from a woman who knew that one day her son would be entrusted with a beautiful bride. A bride who would feel everything I now feel. She would struggle to measure up to those around her. Instagram posts would make her feel lonely, seriously uncool, and way outdated at times. Filters would flatter her friends, and portrait mode would make life look more beautiful, than the actual  messes she would be fighting every day.

So, this INCREDIBLE mom, wrote her son a letter to teach him to praise his bride, in every detail she could think of, that his future bride might….feel, do, or go through. She encouraged him to declare her a ‘Woman of Valor’. A ‘#WonderWoman’ for doing laundry, cooking meals, working outside or inside the home, thinking outside the box, speaking up for that one kid, showing kindness to the poor, staying up with a barfing kid, choosing confidence… when she felt like a failure, crawling out of bed….early, standing strong when she felt so weak, and even loving him ( because we all know sometimes that is our greatest struggle)… She says, “Honor her for all that her hands have done,” Proverbs 31:31

Declare her your ‘#WonderWoman’ not because she is PERFECT, but because she is showing up, because she is there, honoring God with ALL she has.

Today, I may not have made the ‘Proverbs 31 checklist’, but I’m not buying into the lie that I am a fail. The world may never permit me to completely measure up, So….In my discouragement and messy, chaotic life, my heart chooses to seek God. To love Jesus. To admit my weakness and ask for HIS strength. To show up….

You are not a fail either! Let me encourage you to take your comparisons, discouragements and messy life to the ONE who makes a masterpiece out of our brokenness. HE will ALWAYS declare you the ‘#WonderWoman’ HE created for HIS glory!

One response to “#WonderWoman…”

  1. “Let me encourage you to take your comparisons, discouragements and messy life to the ONE who makes a masterpiece out of our brokenness. ” Yes! 💗


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