How Being Robbed Gifted Me With Confidence….

A couple months ago my husband and I purchased a home several states away with plans to relocate our family there.

The timing of the closing placed the house vacant for one month prior to us moving in. Because we were trying to sell our current home, we placed a lot of non-necessities in storage waiting to move.

We decided as time drew closer to the ‘big’ move, that based on our budget, we would have to make some ‘little moves’ to make it all happen. Surprisingly, It would also make the whole process a little more endurable.

Right after our closing, we moved two storage units to our newly purchased home. Included in this, was a lot of our electronics (tv’s and such) that had been mounted on our walls.

It was Mother’s Day weekend, we just finished our final ‘little’ move before we would tackle the plunge of moving everything else in the remaining two weeks.

I was scheduled to speak at a Women’s Retreat on Saturday and again Sunday morning for our Mother’s Day service at my home church, that particular weekend.

The Saturday morning Retreat had been powerful! God had shown up, women’s hearts were encouraged and my heart was full.

BUT, by that night… heart went from floating in excitement of all God was doing to dropping in unbelief at what had just transpired.

A good friend called and said the back door to our new home was standing wide open. (It’s a dead bolted door and no one was living in the home yet)

Immediately, I knew……Someone had broken into our new home!!

Something happens inside you when you know that an intrusion has happened. Fear begins to grip you. Your body responds before your mind can fully comprehend. Adrenaline begins to rush and a million questions start rushing through your head.

Who would do such a thing?


How did they know the house was empty?

What did they take? On and on……!

Then your mind goes to…

What if I had been there alone with the kids?

Will this happen again?

Is it even safe to move and live there anymore?

You feel violated! You feel robbed of your security! You are overcome with a sense of uncertainty and fear!!

In those moments, I sensed this was more than just a physical robbery. I felt that God was using this to speak to me about a ‘Spiritual Principal.’

The next morning as I prayed before speaking, God took me to John 10:10.

“The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I came that you may have life, and have it abundantly.”

(John 10:10)


I have always believed that all I own belongs to Jesus. These earthly possessions are temporal. The Scriptures warns us not to become too attached. We are simply stewards until He returns.

Missing possessions wasn’t what frazzled my heart the night I got the call that we had been robbed….

It was that someone had violated a sacred place meant to be safe, for my whole family.

You see, Satan does this to Believers all the time. He comes in with sneaky tricks, window crawling entrances to the most sacred places in your heart and pollutes your thoughts and emotions with ideas that derails your sense of security.

He tells you, “Don’t trust! God won’t come through… especially for you!”

He steals your confidence, kills your hopes, and destroys your belief that God is well able to do the very thing God has promised.

Satan never comes in the front door. He always sneaks in through a back door, an unlocked window, in an unarmed home.

I learned an important lesson that night. A thief can only take what isn’t kept secure.

The following Monday we put a full scale security system in place. We invested in cameras, loud alarms, security lights, and instant calls to the police. We secured our home.

Can I ask you a question? How secure is your home? Have you put a ‘Spiritual’ security system around your thought patterns, emotional responses, and daily choices?

Being robbed, made me more confident because I was shown where I was vulnerable for attack. When I knew my vulnerabilities, I was able to address them and move forward more confidently.

It is the same Spiritually. When we know where that window is unlocked, that door is cracked, or that entry way is unarmed, we can then make it more secure.

The plan of the thief is to “steal, kill, and destroy”…. BUT God’s plan is that “You may have life, and have it more ABUNDANTLY!”

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