It’s Time To Dream BIGGER…

For years I have lived with what I believe was an ‘Unmet Expectation’. Or another way to phrase it is, disappointment!’ I believed since I was young that I would, at some point, be living on the mission field in a ‘closed’ country. I felt the Missionary Calling when I was around 14 years old. I went on my first International Mission trip when I was 15. Every year since that trip I have spent at least 2 weeks to 6 months living on foreign soil sharing the gospel.

Many years ago my husband and I formed a short-term mission agency by the name of Breaking Borders. We have always kept BB small, taking only the most dedicated people to remote areas of the world where the gospel is restricted. Using medicine as a bridge, we would seek to do frontline work with Underground Believers and Covert Missionaries, in the hopes of one day God releasing us to live ‘full time’ in one of these restricted nations.

But, year after year, it seemed God only pressed us more and more to mobilize, encourage, and be that window to the world. He just never released us to just ‘go’ and stay.

Because of this, my husband and I would always double check our lives. Was there something we weren’t giving up or something we were holding too tightly? But there has never been an earthly possession we have held onto we weren’t willing to release.

This has also included our children. Joel and I have placed them on the alter over and over again . We have continually taken them into areas of the world that would make the ‘helicopter mom’ cringe. We have always known our children never belonged to us, but to God. We desire that they grow up knowing that the most natural thing for a Christian to do is ‘go’ into ALL the world. We want them to know Mission work isn’t ‘extra curricular activity’ or a ‘special calling’, but a command for ALL Believers to embrace.

It has been during this past year I finally came to realize that my ‘Unmet Expectation’ really isn’t ‘disappointment’ at all, but a ‘misunderstanding’ of my calling.

I thought for years that a ‘real’ Mission Call meant that you had to live overseas or you weren’t a ‘real’ Missionary. Truth be known, ‘REAL’ Missionaries are the ones who are simply sent.

These are the ones who do Frontline Gospel Advancement overseas and not all actually ‘live’ in the context of that culture 365 days a year. They could be like The Apostle Paul going from place to place planting, sowing, encouraging, laboring, and mobilizing for the gospel advancement around the ENTIRE world.

The Missionary Call drives you to live each day asking how you can be a part of ushering in the return of Christ and how you can personally speed it up.

Or, even dream of being that ONE daring Christian to share the gospel with the last person in the last tribe, before Jesus returns! How cool would that be?! You say ‘AMEN’ and the trumpet blows. A Heavenly Host instantly appears and then you see Jesus break the sky open on His white horse!

That would/will be ‘EPIC’!

In the last week and a half I have witnessed the merging of our small mission organization, Breaking Borders, with Awe Star Ministries, when I became President of Awe Star on August 9th. This merger not only combined two incredible Ministries who do Frontline Mission work in the darkest corners of the globe, but it clarified a misunderstood vision deep in my soul.

I realized, more than ever, I was created to fulfill THIS vision of Frontline Missions.

I am not living on foreign soil, but mobilizing thousands to that soil. Every time I step foot in another nation and have mobilized a high school, college, Medical student or Medical professional, that I’m multiplying the gospel assault on darkness and speeding up the return of Christ, not by one, but by the thousandth! This is better than just moving and living in another culture! This is moving thousands to other cultures, peoples, tribes and nations. This is not disappointing but the most fulfilling thing I could ever do with my whole life!

I was created for this. I AM created to go, to tell, to be, and to charge others to do the same.

Have you ever had a vision in your heart and felt unfulfilled, thinking that you had, somewhere along the way, missed that very thing God had called you to do or be?

Can I encourage you today?

If you will stay the course, and not grow weary in well doing, you may find that the vision you had tucked away in your heart, may be unfulfilled because it’s really too small, too limited, and too vague for what God has really been preparing you for your whole life.

Sometimes ‘Unmet Expectation’ is really just small vision.

Our whole lives we are in process. I think of Jesus. He lived, walked and prepared for 30 years before He ever ‘officially’ began His ministry. It took 30 years for the only ‘Perfect Person’ who ever walked the planet to be ‘ready’ to walk out the call on His life. I imagine for you and me, it may take even longer.

Never underestimate the process.

Recheck your ‘Unmet Expectation’ and ask God if your vision is too small for His calling over your life. Sometimes it’s not so much about what your doing, but where God has you in the process of preparation! Maybe it’s time to dream BIGGER!

 “Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us.” (Ephesians 5:20)

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