Be ALL There…

A famous Missionary once wrote, “Wherever you are, be all there.”

I read these words in a journal written by a courageous Missionary who not only lived a life of “All There” but he was “All In”. The documentation of his journey and walk with Christ challenged me as a young Christian to look deeper than the romance of the mission field and examine the attentiveness of my own heart to Christ.

Could I live, walk, and be present in ‘ALL’ God was calling me to do? Could I be “All In” …..and….. “All There?”

As I daily strive to walk out my purpose in my life’s journey, I have discovered that not only do you have to be “All There …. and …. All In” you also have to “KNOW” you are suppose to “Be There.”

You see, the enemy attacks our destiny by undermining Gods plan over our lives. He plants doubts when we are young so that whatever God calls us to fulfill, we will ‘doubt our worth’, ‘second guess our qualifications’ and ‘question our gifting’ to fulfill that call.

As I have moved into a new role in ministry, I’ve never heard those “voices from below” more loudly and more clearly than I do now.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve discovered that satan hates when I walk in obedience. When I set my life to God’s purpose as the scripture commands, I find the enemy looks for new strategies to destroy what God is doing.

When I guard my heart and set my life to “Be Present …. and …. ALL There” I find this is when satan attacks me strongly from my past.

He stirs doubt about my abilities or gifting. He reminds me of my failures. He calls my attention to ‘Others’ who seem more qualified to sit at the table. I fight comparison and doubt. I’m reminded of every time in my life where I was second choice and not first choice. The doubts go on and on.

Can I tell you something today?

We have NEVER been second choice! God doesn’t operate out of plan B, because there isn’t one!!! He doesn’t choose you as a last resort because all others failed!! NO!! He looks to you as His “First …. and …. Best” choice to fulfill the works He has called you to do.

As a female student Missionary I traveled to many countries. As I got older those travels continued to broaden. God would open doors for me to speak in many arenas about the incredible works He was doing around the world. I love to share and never thought twice about speaking when asked.

Many times when I would go to share, the Pastor would gently remind me that I was a woman. (I actually never forgot this, lol!!) …. AND …. that as a woman, I could “Share” but not “Preach!!’ Honestly, I didn’t know the difference!!! 😳. I was just excited about being given the opportunity to share how Jesus was changing lives around the world.

After the Pastor would gently ‘Remind’ me of my place, he would say, “ You know, the only reason you are being asked to share is because a man wouldn’t step up.” 🤔

Honestly, every time I heard those comments, I would dismiss them and just thank Jesus, He found use for me.

The older I have gotten, the more the undertones spoken to me as a younger woman resurrect and replay in my heart in moments I’m walking in the “Authority Of My Calling.”

Can I tell you something?

Where Satan “CANNOT” trip you today, He “WILL” try to snag you from your past!

What I love about Jesus is that He doesn’t define us by our past, but by His Creative work.

Ephesians 2:10 states:

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.”

Not only does God Call us, He Prepares us …. and …. He Assures us that before we ever get to where we are going — He has Gone before us and Commanded us to “WALK IN THEM.” By “THEM,” I mean those ‘GOOD WORKS” that satan tries to tell you that your unqualified to fulfill.

Allow me to give you a new way to combat those ‘Hater Voices” from the past.

Remind them, ( Ephesians 2:10)

You are God’s “First” choice for the job!!

You are ‘Qualified” by the Job Maker!!

You are “Enough” because HE has “Declared” you HIS “Workmanship!!”

The “Purpose” you are walking out, was designed ‘Specifically’ for you to walk out.

I challenge you today ‘BE ALL THERE!” “BE ALL IN” …. and …. Confidently Know ….

“YOU are Suppose to BE THERE!!!!”

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