I Prayed TOO Small…

I’ll never forget that day…. I had a team of students in West Africa. We were doing Mobile Medical Clinics by day and Chronological Bible Storytelling Ministry by night. We decided to go to a local beach for some intentional team prayer and worship.

We envisioned looking out over the ocean and reclaiming,

Habakkuk 2:14: “For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea.”

As we sat on the shore of crashing waves our eyes could not overcome the sea of local people that flooded the beach. 16 unreached people groups were represented in this small dark Nation, and in one “Athens” moment, we could be sharing the gospel with them all.

Our team broke apart for one on one Evangelism. It was incredible, but we knew we could plan and have a more effective ministry, if we came back again with our ministry tools in hand.

We left that night energized praying for God to bring the Nations to the beach the following Sunday Night for individual divine encounters. We prayed fervently all week for God to give us the beach! Sunday finally arrived. Excited and a bit nervous to step into what we had prayed all week, we set out to see what God would do.

As we got closer to the shore line, we began to see a huge stage. Not just any stage – but an ‘Africell’ ( African AT&T) sponsored concert stage with the biggest speakers I’ve ever seen! Below this massive stage was a full blown Soccer Tournament with a reward of over 10,000 Delasi’s ( over 1000 US Dollars) to that nights winner. National TV was there filming the tournament and crowds had gathered by the droves to pack around the event.

In almost unbelief, I realized something that night. We had ‘Prayed TOO Small!!!” All week we had asked God for a beach, all week God was preparing us for a stage to the Nation! God moved mountains that night. Before we realized it our team was arranged on the Africell  sponsored concert stage and plugged into the mega speakers presenting the gospel in their local trade language on National TV!!! —WOW!!

It was Incredible!

It was in Unforgettable!

It was Life Marking!

I’ll never forget the day ‘I Prayed TOO Small.’ How about you? Are you praying BIG prayers or have you dreamed TOO small for what God wants to do in using your life for His glory?

Let me encourage you today. God is not limited to our small ideas or seemingly small resources. He is well able to move a mountain, bring down a Jericho Wall, or put you on National TV in an Islamic Nation on a stage that looks impossible to get on. He loves to shine bright and display His Bigness to a watching world.

Proverbs 16:9 says: “A man plans his ways, but God charts his course.”

Today, DARE to dream a little bigger, RISK praying a little larger and ASK God to do something so incredible, that a watching world stands amazed at His goodness!

Why settle for a beach when He wants to give you a stage to a Nation?!!! #PrayBig

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