Be Still…

I never know how I get to this place? I envision my days different. I’m a dreamer. Since I was young I have carved out memories of imagining incredible Gospel adventures in jungles, safaris, and restricted access nations.

I am a lover of innovation and thrive in newness and change.

But lately, when I reflect inward and examine my heart, I am finding that in moments of uncertainty and failed confidence , I loose my sense of adventure and cling to routine, familiarity, and protocol.

These last few weeks have been anything but stagnant. Lots of doing and very few opportunities to ‘STOP’ and take in the moment. Even my watch has picked up on it and is alarming me to ‘STOP’ and just ‘BREATH.’

You see, I do busy well. In fact, I survive in the busy.

Yet in the midst of the non-stop motion I hear a voice calling me away to stillness.

I have not been called to survival, I have been called to life. Life abundant and filled with present moments.

The trap of satan always comes in the distractions. He lures us away from the creative beauty of our calling and feeds us tales of comfort in self-controlled moments. He leads us to believe that self-reliance and control will enable us to navigate securely through faith stretching roads.

The #Truth is we are called to the beautiful adventure that our Creator takes us to in every moment we are free to be ‘FULLY’ present and ‘FULLY’ alive.

We are always called out of the boat.

Out of the familiar.

Out of tradition.

Out of what feels safe and into the raging storm that is commanded still when we lean into the eyes of our Savior.

We are called to step into Him, into His adventure, into His supernatural presence that surpasses time and redefines our core.

We are called to the impossible, that only becomes doable when we are fixed on Jesus.

This, my friend is ‘FAITH’. The evidence of the unseen, in a seeing world. The radical beauty of being out of control but fully held by Him who controls it all.

So Today,

I sit.

I wait.

I am still.

Today, I listen.

His voice is ever present and softly loud in the depths of my soul. It is here that I am found recklessly out of the routine. Abandoned to Him over protocol or self-reliance.

It is here, In Him, that all I could ever want or need is met.

How about you?

Do you feel trapped in the stress or chaos of demands that surround your days? Are you clinging to imagined ‘handles’ of control and self-reliance to survive your moments?

It’s Time, my friend.

It’s time to stop.

Let go.

Embrace Him.

He is Waiting.

He is Waiting for you.

My soul, waits in stillness, only for God—
for from Him comes my expectation.“-
-Psalms 62:6

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