The Place Of The ‘Unknown’….

Walking in the ‘Unknown’ place is one of the hardest things in obedience to Jesus.  

During my life I have experienced a lot of the ‘Unknowns’. I’m sure in your life you have too. 

I remember when I was young I would think about the future and often become anxious. 

How would I do on this test? 

Would I make the team? 

Was I good enough to fit into ‘THAT group?’

Would this place hire me?

Will I have enough money to get …..?

Will that college accept me?

Who would I marry?

What if I didn’t marry? 

How many kids am I suppose to have?

What if I can’t have kids?

Is God calling me to ‘Go’?

Would God provide for this mission trip?

ON and ON and ON…….

It’s amazing as I look back now that though God has been faithful to walk with me in all those areas, I have this amazing ability to create more questions with ‘Unknown’ answers!  AND – if I allow them they ‘WILL STILL’ keep me up at night. 

Will God provide for His ministry?

Will He call forth more Missionaries to Go?

Will my children follow Jesus boldly? 

Will my staff see the ‘BIGGER’ picture of what God is doing? 

Will I be found faithful?

Will He meet my need one more time? 

ON and ON and ON…….

Life is full of ‘Unknowns.’ This is actually the beauty of following Jesus. The mystery of faith is that God always calls us to the Place Of The ‘Unknown.’  He asks us to submit our doubts, fears, questions and hesitations to Him and allow Him to do what we cannot.  

God isn’t looking for a super human that can do ‘God size performances.’  He is looking for a dependent vessel that says, “Jesus walk with me today in my Unknown.” “In my valley of the ‘Shadow,’ will YOU be my rod and my staff?”

Jesus doesn’t expect you to have all the answers,  nor does He expect ‘You’ to meet ‘Your’ needs. He actually expects ‘You’  to bring your burden before Him. 

He wants you to…….

Recognize His power to do the impossible;

– Depend on His grace to walk in the valley;

– Submit to His perfect plans, even when your eyes see the rage of the storm; 

You see,  He never wants us to forget He controls the waves, the wind, and the very storm we feel pressing upon us.

– Hold His hand that is never short to hold us when we look to Him;

– Trust in His power that never lacks when we are at our weakest. 

Let me encourage you today to not be afraid to go to the ‘ Place of the Unknown…..’ Just remember to not go there alone. 

Ask Jesus to join you.

Ask Jesus to comfort you. 

Ask Jesus to guide you. 

Ask Jesus to be the steady force of ‘KNOWN’ in your ‘Unknown.’

Jesus, today I choose to trust You with my ‘Unknown’ road. I ask for courage to walk through the storm. I need Your power in my weakness and Your confidence in my doubts. ‘May Your Kingdom come, Your will be done in my ‘Unknown’ today, just as it is in Heaven! 

— Amen

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”–Joshua 1:9


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