Will You Step Out….

This past weekend I had the privilege to be part of a Global Missions Conference hosted by Awe Star Missions. The theme for the weekend was, “Step Out Of Your Element. 

The weekend was intense! Multiple Main Sessions and Break Out Speakers shared how God urged each person to step out in suffering, trial, risk, and obedience. Student Missionaries responded, by the masses, to embrace the Call to ‘Step Out Of Their Element.’  

Students knelt weeping at the base of flags from around the world. Parents, Pastors and Youth Pastors  knelt beside students accepting the challenge to partner in prayer, support, and going. It was phenomenal!!  There was such an outpouring of the spirit of God!!!

As I prepared for my message, God reminded me of the passage in Matthew 14:22-36, where Peter stepped out of the boat. 

I was challenged by these words of Scripture as I saw for the first time that in two years of walking with the Son of God the Disciples who ate, slept, and journeyed with Jesus ‘had never’ been documented as worshipping Him, until this moment in Scripture. (Matthew 22:33) 

The Disciples had seen Jesus heal the sick, cast out demons, rebuke top religious leaders, show compassion on the least of these, and even raise the dead….. ‘BUT…they NEVER offered worship to Him!!!’

My heart was gripped with how many people who walk with Jesus daily, see the miraculous happen, but Never stop to worship the ONE who orchestrated the miracle!  

I asked myself, what was different in this passage? What changed on that boat, that took those Disciples from ‘Followers to Worshippers?’

Then it hit me!!  This time they didn’t just see the miracle, they EXPERIENCED the miracle!!!!  

Their need surpassed their safety. They were about to die in the midst of a terrible storm. Darkness surrounded them and it seemed all hope was lost, ‘UNTIL’ Jesus appeared. He met them in the midst of their chaos and fear. He came to them in their need. 

Peter, a seasoned fisherman, knowing the only hope of safety was to stick to the solid ground beneath him in the boat, risked it all and stepped out on water when he saw Jesus. Peter had to know water can’t, doesn’t, and had never accidentally held up any person at sea. Yet despite what was known, natural, and safe – Peter stepped into  the impossible and banked on Jesus to keep him. HE STEPPED OUT!!!

Friends, so often in life we hold onto the oars and try to survive the storm, when God is actually trying to prompt us to step out of what we know and into HIM. 

Can I encourage you today? It’s time to step out. It’s time to take a worthy risk and give Jesus your need, your safety, your darkness, your storm and step into the One that commands the waves and sea. 

He is well able to do the impossible. He only asks for you to give up your hopelessness and embrace the One who owns hope. He is still the God of Genesis 1 who created ALL things and holds ALL things together. He ALWAYS meets us in our mess. In fact,  He specializes in miracles. 

It’s time to ‘Not Witness’  the impossible, but to ‘Experience it’ in Jesus. 

Will you ‘Step Out’ and Worship Him today?

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