“There is no Testimony, without a Test…”

I get the privilege to lead a Short-Term Discipleship Mission Agency here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

My job description is simple,  “Evangelization Of The Planet!” Honestly, there isn’t anything I could image doing that I would love more than what I get to do every day.

But…….What they didn’t tell me when I started this job, was that a big red target would be placed on my back and all hell would come against every move I make to fulfill my job!!

They didn’t tell me every demon in hell and every covert mission of the enemy would be strategized to stop, thwart, derail, and undermine any attempt I make to train, mobilize, equip, advocate, and send Missionaries around the world!!

For some reason, those details were left out when I stepped in, full of faith, excitement, and zeal to start my new position.

Can I share a truth with you today?

Satan never comes against what doesn’t matter. He is happy to concede to complacent, comfortable, low-key Christianity.

In the ministry I do every day we often say, “There is no testimony, without a test.”

This week I have had a lot of tests.

Monday morning, I showed up excited to start the week to find out that someone had broken into the back area of our ministry building and stolen our ministry trailer over Thanksgiving weekend.

My first thought was, check the cameras. After 2 hours on the phone with our security company we discovered a fluke in the back entry camera that made it stop recording (for the first time ever) during this particular night the trailer was stolen.

I mean, what are the chances of that??? 🤷‍♀️

We have two ministry vans that we placed with the mechanics this week to have serviced before we send teams into Mexico over  Christmas break. Today, I get news that one van needs over 2,000 dollars worth of repairs. I mean, really? 😫

Every day it’s a new test, a new trial, a new circumstance that comes flooding my way as soon as I walk into the office.

Can I share why I keep showing up? 😊

I show up because Jesus is worth it!!

If He was willing to exit eternity and bound Himself with time and human skin to pursue, rescue, deliver, and redeem me and every person that comes into relationship with Him, then what is a little opposition?

This week in church my Pastor shared, “Every miracle Jesus did, started with a problem. This is good news for people that have problems.”

So now I wait for the miracle. How is Jesus going to show off His glory in a testimony of His goodness, with a stolen trailer or a broken van?

I imagine the Israelites thought the same thing when they came face to face with the Red Sea. All of Egypt was coming against them and it looked like all their luck had ran out. They had a big problem, but they were banking on a God of even bigger miracles!!!

I don’t know what you’re facing today or what circumstance that may seem too big for you. Can I encourage you to take your eyes off your Red Sea for a moment, and look to the One who spoke the sea into existence?

You see… resistance and difficulty is not a sign to quit, but evidence that God is about to work.

There is a miracle coming!

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