I’m a planner. I love when I can check the box and officially say that ‘Project’ is finished.  I get excited about seeing my calendar fill up and then events getting crossed off as they are completed. I don’t  know why this makes me feel good, but for whatever reason, fulfilled plans make me feel happy and accomplished. 

However, the most meaningful, life altering moments of my life have always come through unexpected moments, not the crossed off events that were well planned out.

I’ve come to discover that…..

“Destiny Lies In Interrupted  Moments.”

I still remember the moment I sat in a youth conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. Gripped by the words I was hearing, my whole life felt like it had been catapulted into an abrupt halt. God was speaking. Not in an audible voice but by a fierce impression that made my whole body tremble and shake within me. 

You see, I knew who I was and I knew who I was not. I knew my insecurities. I sat with them in the darkness and experienced them on a daily basis. The confidence in me to fulfill any purpose was bathed in rejection, fear, insufficiency, and lack.  I was only confident in what I could not do, not in what I was sensing God was speaking for me to do. 

Despite my inability to believe in myself, God ‘Interrupted’ my darkness and filled my heart with a confidence that all my insecurities could not comprehend. Though the voices of the enemy screamed, “NO!!!” The voice of God overwhelmed me with, “YES!!!” 

His voice brought….. 

COMFORT to my discomfort;

LIFE to my deadness;

HOPE to my hopelessness;

CONFIDENCE to my fear. 

In one ‘Interrupted’ moment, my destiny changed as I spoke my first “YES” to obedience.

I was only 15 years old when the course of my life changed forever. It was at this conference that God opened my first door into International Missions. That ‘Interruption’ is why I now sit in a position of mobilizing a generation of young people to all nations. 

That first ’Interruption’ was only the beginning. Countless ‘Interruptions’ have come since embracing the first one. 

In college, God ‘Interrupted’ my Collegiate Career to go live in West Africa for 7 months.

In marriage, God ‘Interrupted’ our plans to begin a Ministry mobilizing Medical Professionals to restricted and unreached corners of the globe.

Even within the last year, God ‘Interrupted’ my entire world, to catapult my family into a new State, a new Career, a new School, an Adoption, and a new Ministry.

Divine ‘Interruption’ after divine ‘Interruption’ is how my entire life of Ministry has unfolded. I never planned to go, to do, or to be. I was just ‘Interrupted’ in my going, in my doing, and, in my being. 

The Bible says in Proverbs 16:9:  “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.”

I imagine Mary must have felt a little ‘Interrupted’ when the Angel of the Lord, Gabriel, appeared to her and told her she would become impregnated with the Savior of the world. 

I imagine that wasn’t on her, ‘To Do List’ for the day. In fact, it was so unbelievable that the Bible says she pondered it in her heart trying to understand what this really meant! 

Sometimes the steps to our destiny doesn’t come by what seems ‘Normal or Comfortable,’ but by unbelievable happenings that can only be explained by a “God Moment.”

How about you? 

What is God doing in your life that is not on your agenda or planned calendar? Could it be that God is divinely ‘Interrupting’ your plans to propel you into your ‘Destiny?’

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