Maybe It’s Time….

This past year and a half I have been intentionally exercising 5 days a week trying to get my body in shape. Now, what shape is debatable? With all joking aside, I have tried diligently to live healthier and build my endurance level.

I decided to go to the ‘next level’ in my exercising routine this past month. I found myself in a ‘rut’ and ‘routine’ that wasn’t challenging my body anymore. The extra of exercise had worn out and I wasn’t seeing additional results. So I knew, I had to change what I was doing.

I have a very good friend that has been telling me about ‘Burn Boot Camp’ for over a year now. She claims it does amazing things for your body and energy level. So, I’ve gone on their web site and her claims were reiterated, “maximize your potential and exceed your own expectations. Stop starting over. Health and happiness is only a click away. “TOTAL TRANSFORMATION!”

I was convinced. I signed up for the 6  week trial. My only hiccup was that I would be out of the country for part of the trial. No problem though, my friend assured me I could jump in as soon as I returned. Well I’m 3 days in and my whole  body hurts, except my face and my friend says that hurts her sometimes. Haha!

I need to confess, I’m a bit discouraged. For over a year I have been exercising, but the last three days have made me feel like I have not worked out my entire life. What did I miss this last year? How could I live thinking I was, “In shape” when In reality, I was not?

I see this all the time in ministry. Not in the physical realm but in the spiritual realm. I encounter men, women, students and professionals that do daily devotionals, go to church, and even serve in their church, but when I take them on the mission field, it’s like suddenly, they realize even though they have been exercising in their walk with Jesus, they are poorly out of shape.

We have a saying in our office, “Darkness pulls out darkness.”  We tell our Short-Term Missionaries that they need to spiritually prepare before they enter into a nation bound in principalities and powers controlled by the enemy. We tell them, if they have any hidden areas, selfishness or secret sins, that the darkness in that nation will pull it out of them.

In some ways, Missions is like Burn Bootcamp. It tests your body against the resistance of exercising that demands core strength. It calls out of you, only what you have deposited into you.

If I’m honest, Burn Bootcamp is intimidating to me. When I enter into the workout session, I see more of what I cannot do than what I can do. My encouragement is not that I can see my inabilities, but that I’m taking initiative to build up my core in a way that will only make me healthier and stronger.

Maybe the thought of doing missions is intimidating to you too? Maybe you feel God only uses ‘other people’ or more ‘spiritual’ people.

Can I share a truth with you?

God uses EVERYONE. He invites you and me to step into His Global plan of redeeming all nations. He grows you, tests you, and pulls out Himself from you and enables you to bless others.

Maybe it’s time to go the ‘next level’ this year and go into ‘ALL’ the world. Let me know if you are interested. I know a great organization ( that would love to take you to places, you have never gone to before. I promise, you will see your core strengthened and built like never before.  Guaranteed….. “TOTAL TRANSFORMATION!”

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