In August 2018 I got the privilege to step into the servant ministry role as President of Awe Star Missions. It’s been an amazing ride since August and God is continuing to grow, expand, develop, and enlarge this incredible ministry right before my eyes.

Maybe your asking, who is Awe Star Missions?

Awe Star Missions is a not just a short-term mission agency. Awe Star is a discipleship and evangelism ministry that mobilizes high school and college-aged students, as well as medical professionals, training and equipping them to walk out the lifestyle of a missionary; to do Jesus Ministry around the world.

For more than 25 years, Awe Star has called student missionaries to a Rite of Passage, challenging those as young as 13 years old to step out of their adolescence and into adulthood, by recognizing their role in the Great Commission. Awe Star has a passion to not only train students, but also to mobilize medical professionals in areas of the world where the gospel is least reached, by using chronological Bible storytelling and medicine as means to share the gospel with those that may never hear.

The staff at Awe star gathers every morning for prayer and asks God to move ginormous mountains, raise up laborers from each corner of the globe, provide audacious funds to do, what to the naked eye, seems like impossible tasks in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Can I share something with you? He is doing it! He is raising laborers, He is moving mountains, He is demolishing Jericho walls, and He is providing supernaturally for His Kingdom work!

I sit amazed every day that I get to be a part of such an incredible opportunity. Literally my job description is to evangelize the planet! I don’t want to keep this to myself!

God has created us for community. He has created the church to lock arms and join together in ushering in His return.

So I’m writing to you today to ask, will you join me?

Will you partner with us in fulfilling the Great Commission?

We are asking for 100 people that will commit to $25 or more a month to AweStar Missions.

Before our eyes, God is raising a generation to usher in the return of Christ.

Will you lock arms and join us in this undaunting task?

A part of this challenge is that God call out courageous people who will give their time, their talents, and their treasures to ensure the gospel advances to every nation, every tribe, every tongue, and every people.

We desire more Bibles to be placed in the hands of those that have never owned one, medicines to be supplied to cover wounds, eliminate pain, and restore health to those who do not have access to such care.

Our prayer is that Jesus will be shared to those who have never heard or been given an invitation, personally, in their own language, for an opportunity to know and receive Jesus!

Will you join us in this #TwentyFiveChallenge?

100 people commiting to $25 a month.

As you read, PRAY, ask God if He wants you to join Him in investing in His return!

To give simply follow this link and click the box- monthly donation.


All for His Glory,

Peggy Nunley


Awe Star Missions


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