Are you Living in your Commission?

“It should be the fundamental right of all people to hear the gospel once.”

I heard a Missionary say this to me as I sat in a meeting recapping the life of John Chau, Missionary Martyr, to the unreached Sentinel tribes off the coast of India.

As I heard her words, I paused to think how more than any other issue in the world, this should be the ‘Cause’ of ALL Christians.

I asked myself in that moment, “Why is this not the burning passion of the church in the United States?

Why has the burden for the nations been cast aside for causes that only bring temporal comfort and not eternal ramifications?”

My husband and I have been to almost every continent in the world to serve the ‘Least of These’ through Medical Missions. From TB, HIV, to rare forms of flesh eating diseases, we have seen the worst of the worst among peoples God loves so much.

I will admit the needs are overwhelming from unclean water, lack of food, inability to treat diseases, outcasted handicap and trafficked young children. To think of tackling it all, sometimes seems like an impossible task.

Seeing families advocate for their sick, or worse, grieve their loss because of lack of access to basic needs, makes my heart ache and wrecks me emotionally. From Refugee camps in Afganistan to bush huts in Africa, the sting of disease, death and sin reign heavy.

An African Pastor once told me. “It is good you bring medicine. But medicine only extends life in the hell they already live. It will not be enough to carry them forever. We must go a step further and give them Jesus, so they can experience hope now and unending life in eternity.”

I’m an advocate for meeting needs. If I can get a water filter supplied to a village, or medicine to the sick, or rice to the hungry – I’m all in. I continually look for donations of resources to meet these needs. To give these things but miss giving the gospel is, by far, the worst tragedy of all!

Our greatest advocacy should be that they hear about Jesus;

That they recieve hope;

That they get a personal opportunity to drink from the River of Life that is never polluted and never runs dry;

That they have a chance to call upon the ‘ONE’ that can supply all their needs according to His riches in Heaven;

The ‘ONE’ who can heal all diseases and provide the bread of life to hungry souls;

The ‘ONE’ who counts the hair on their heads and whom their soul can take refuge.

I propose to you today the greatest social justice issue in the world, is for ALL peoples (from remote ethnic groups to overpopulated cities) to hear the Good News of Jesus, ‘at least once.’

Should we bring medicine – YES!

Should we provide clean water – YES!

Should we fill their stomachs – YES!

Should we rescue the trafficked – YES!

As Christians though, shouldn’t our compassion and passion to share eternal hope (The Gospel) be driven by meeting these needs to open doors to share lasting hope – ABSOLUTELY, YES!!

It’s never a question of one or the other. It’s always both.

I know in your busy life you may think, this is a great issue, but right now all I can think about is the task in front of me.

Can I share with you that the task in front of you, will always be there, but as Christians we have to choose to think outside of our immediate and live in our commission.

The enemy will always distract by your ‘To Do’ list.

However, God has called us (you and me) to step outside of ourselves and ask Him,

“Lord, where is my harvest field?

Where is the need you want me to meet, so I can share the gospel to those that haven’t heard or have not been invited into Your Hope?”

My challenge to you today is to embrace the Great Commission as a social justice issue and begin tackling it right where you are, whether you are in your workplace, in your university, or in your community.

To look up and see the needs, but really open your eyes to those who haven’t heard the Good News and be the Advocate for the lost to hear!

I promise, HE will be with you and as you step into HIS Mission, your ‘To Do’ list will get filled with purposes you never imagined!

“I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and Who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; Send me.”

Isaiah 6:8

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