There’s Gonna Be A Miracle!!

I remember a Co-worker, years ago, telling a story about when she was teaching in a children’s Sunday school class. It was a preschool class if I remember right.

She began by retelling the story from Matthew 14 of Jesus feeding the 5000. She opened the text sharing how there was a massive crowd. All the people had gathered to hear Jesus’ teaching when she was interrupted by a young boy in her class, with his hand raised. As she called on him, he stood up and said, “There is gonna be a miracle!”, then sat back down.

The teacher kinda nodded and tried to continue. She shared how the Disciples came to Jesus and said the people had been gathered all day and it was now evening. The people were very hungry but there was no place to buy enough food for all of them. The boy began wiggling in his seat, raises his hand again, jumps up and says, “I tell ya, there is gonna be a miracle!”

This time she hushes him so she can continue with the story. Jesus heard of the dilemma and tells the Disciples to go to the boy with the couple of fish and some loaves of bread. The Disciples called the boy to come but they doubted how a couple of fish and a few loaves of bread could feed everyone. Again, the little boy raises his hand and stands up even more intent and excited. In a louder voice says, “I’m telling you,there is gonna be a miracle!”

The teacher, a little frustrated by the interruptions, shushes the boy again and continues telling the story. The young boy comes with the loaves of bread and the fish. Jesus broke the bread and divided the fish. The Disciples then began to distribute the bread and the fish among the people. When everyone was fed they discovered there were leftovers. 

The boy in the class now could not contain himself. He jumps to his feet and shouts, “I told you, I told you, there was gonna be a miracle!” 

Don’t you just love this!

Childlike faith tells us when Jesus shows up, there is always a miracle getting ready to happen. 

Recently, I spoke at a church and read over Matthew 14. The miracles in this chapter start with Jesus feeding the 5000 but it ends with Jesus walking on water. I was taken back at the passage in Matthew 14:33 that says, “And those that were in the boat worshiped Him saying, “You certainly are the Son of God.”

The reason this passage got to me was because I realized it’s the first time in scripture documented of the Disciples worshipping Jesus. Wow!….I mean, even a preschooler couldn’t wait to declare a miracle was gonna happen when he knew Jesus was hanging out with a crowd.

Have you ever wondered why this was this the first time Scriptures document the Disciples worshipping Jesus?

They had witnessed Jesus feeding 5000 people from two fish and five loaves of bread. More than that, they had witnessed at least 20 other documented miracles. Jesus healing the deaf, giving sight to the blind, making lame people walk, leper’s being restored, water turned to wine, storms calmed, mute speaking and demons cast out. They even saw dead people raised to life along with many more miracles Jesus performed, BUT…they did not worship until this moment.

As I prayed over this I realized something. This was ‘their’ first miracle. In all the other miracles they were the witnesses. They were the bystanders watching the miraculous take place. It wasn’t until the miracle was for them, that they bowed to worship the ‘Miracle Maker.’

I imagine on the boat, that day, they went to bed talking about the 5000 being fed with only two fish and five loaves of bread. They probably even joked about what a crazy story they would tell the next day about how Jesus showed up and saved the day. 

That night when the storm raged and the waves pounded, they woke up in fear. On top of the fear they were already feeling they also thought they saw a ghost!! The Bible says, “They were terrified.”

Then…Jesus appears on the water walking toward them and says, “Take courage, it is I, do not be afraid.”

Peter, probably still shaking from shock of what was happening, asks the Lord to command him to come to Him in the water. The Disciples witness their friend, brother, loved companion, step out of the boat, walk on water and then, begin to sink in the storm That is….until Jesus reaches out and saves him.

Well, this night Jesus wasn’t the miracle worker for the crowds or the sick or the disappointed. He was their ‘Miracle Maker.’

You see, when you experience the miracle, everything changes and the only response is to worship the ‘Miracle Maker.’

Have you experienced the Miracle Maker?

Have you been so taken back by the love and compassion and goodness of God that all you can do is worship Him?

As we enter this Christmas season, let me encourage you to take some time to slow down enough to not just see the miracles happening around you, but to experience the ‘Miracle of Jesus for yourself!’

Matthew 14:33 says, “And those that were in the boat worshiped Him saying, “You certainly are the Son of God.”

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