Contending for the Extra Oil…

These last few months have been different. Covid-19 has been an unearthing for everyone. Schedules have shifted, calendars wiped clean, financial uncertainty, job instability, widespread sickness, fear of the unknown and church services closed!

There has never been a time in history we have walked where we are walking today. The greatest leaders are struggling to navigate the unknown while the mass population is uncertain who to follow. It is surreal and sobering days.

Allow me to tell you what else has been sobering? I have watched so many people become gripped by fear and doubt God’s goodness and purpose in the midst of so much suffering and loss. I even felt my own faith shaken at times and wondered how I could fulfill a call to mobilize a generation to the nations, when every nation was now closed!

Yes, I prayed. Yes, I even fasted. More than anything else this season we have witnessed a widespread test of trust.

You see, I prayed for God to meet my needs, but not exceed my needs. I prayed for God to supply the basics of what was needed, but not to embarrassingly bless me, so I could be a blessing to others.

I prayed for peace, but not boat-rocking, about-to-sink peace, that even if I sank — I could confidently walk on water!

After the holy hush that struck our great nation and other nations, as the world stopped, I realized I have prayed too small for far too long. I realized I no longer wanted to insult God with small prayers.

I want to be a Christian that really believes God for the impossible.

I want to be like Elijah, when he stood before the gods of Baal. Even though he had wood for fire, drenched it in water and built a trench around it —just to show the power of God when the fire came.

I want to be a Christian who really believes God wants to bring complete healing to my affliction, just because I got close to him. I want to be like the woman with the issue of blood that knew if she just got close enough to touch the hem of Jesus’s garment she could have healing from an issue she had lamented over for years.

I want to be a Christian who really believes God wants to not only meet my needs, but exceed my needs.

I want to be like the Centurion who knew if he could just get word to Jesus, his son would be healed. There was no need for Jesus to come, he just needed Him to say the word! The Centurion knew! He was certain! He had no doubt! If he could just let Jesus know—-right?!

How often do we pray and let Jesus know, BUT never expect the healing? The touch? The provision? The miracle? The extra we need to make it?!

In this season of crazy chaos where the world is lamenting over stillness and seclusion, I believe more than ever as a Christian, we need to be contending for the ‘Extra Oil.’

What do I mean?

Yesterday, as I was reading the passage on the 10 Bridesmaids, (Matt. 25: 1-13) God spoke to me, “Peggy, the key to this passage is the Extra Oil!”

All were called, chosen, purified, and set apart for the Groom, but only five entered in to meet him.


All had oil, but only five went after the extra oil! Five settled for normality, common Christianity, cultural grace. When darkness came and exceeded their waiting time, they were found unprepared to fulfill their purpose.

However, the other five labored for the extra oil. It was the extra oil that couldn’t be obtained, except to keep contending for it, no matter how dark it got or who around them fell asleep.

I see the extra oil as the time of preparation that no one else knows about. It is in those dark moments seeking the face of Jesus and clinging to Him when the world has gone silent. It is when jobs are lost, bank accounts are empty, schools get closed or churches can’t meet. It is in those moments when you feel like you are walking a dark road alone without assurance that you will see a brighter day.

My dear friends, can I share a truth with you?

The ‘Extra Oil’ is what Jesus uses to separate us unto Himself. It is the divine anointing that we all must labor in the night to fulfill the purpose we were created to walk. It is the extra oil that enables us to pray Kingdom shaking prayers where the supernatural is called down to invade our natural realm.

Do not grow weary in this season of uncertainty.

Use this season to contend for the ‘Extra Oil’!

The enemy is wanting to get you busy, distracted, and even discouraged. He wants to entice you to settle for the new fear based normal surrounding us all. Don’t play his game!!!

Contending for the ‘Extra Oil’ is going to be the secret weapon, God equips the Church to fulfill the Great Commission in every nation of the world.

It is going to be the hidden anointing, birthed in the dark moments of tested trust that gives you power to walk out your destiny, no matter how impossible it looks in the moment.

God spoke to me yesterday; “Peggy, if you want the world to watch you burn for my glory, then spend your days gathering the Extra Oil.”

Come now, strike the match on your life and let the world watch you burn!!!

Contend in this season for the ‘Extra Oil’ and refuse to be seduced by the darkness that wants you to sleep in a season of Kingdom anointing.

One response to “Contending for the Extra Oil…”

  1. Hi Pegzi Thanks so much for your encouraging words. HE does not want us to live in fear but to trust HIM in everything. Blessings Pat


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