The Holy Nudge…

During spring break, I led a team of Student Missionaries with Awe Star Missions in the nation of Mexico. We had just performed an 18 minute drama narrative in the local language that storied from Creation to the Resurrection when the presence of the Lord filled the local Pulga (flea market). Student Ministry teams dispersed among the people and many were coming to Christ. It was quite the celebration!

One team member led a man to Jesus and was so excited she decided to buy the whole team ice cream. One by one the team members came to the little Mexican ice cream cart to get their anticipated treat. I stood there trying to help distribute and interpret the different flavors. When suddenly, I felt what I would call a “Holy Nudge.”

Have you ever experienced this?

In the middle of whatever you are doing, you get this sense that God is asking you to do something? Normally, though, it is inconvenient to what you are in the middle of. It always comes in a still and gentle prompting from within. I’ve experienced this many times.

Once on an airplane the Lord told me to stand up and preach. This was pre 9/11, but I knew that “Holy Nudge” and I knew if I disobeyed, I would walk away in regret and would grieve the Holy Spirit within me. I first tried to think of a way to get the mic out of the Flight Attendant’s hands as she went over the Take Off Procedures. As I prayed more, the Holy Spirit gently prompted me, after take off, to go to every seat and ask each person if they had a personal relationship with Jesus. Amazingly, I got to pray with several people. That was one “Holy Nudge” I will never forget!

Another time was when I was leading a student team in Eastern Europe. We had set up for ministry around 6 different times and each time we were made to tear down and leave. We ended up at a subway stop that wasn’t on our schedule or ministry plans. We were about to enter it when a crowd of people came running up the stairs. People were crying and yelling, “I think he is dead!” I pulled the team aside and told them to pray as I investigated what was going on. Alongside a translator, I began asking people what happened? They shared that a man had just tried to commit suicide, by jumping in front of the metro car.They said that both his legs had been cut off. In that moment I got another “Holy Nudge.” I realized that all day we had been shut down only to be moved to this specific place for this specific moment. Literally life and death were in the air. I had our team set up at the top of the subway stop and began sharing the gospel. A harvest of souls was saved that day. God’s “Holy Nudge” came as He moved me to the right place at the right time.

Now, I was experiencing another “Holy Nudge!” As I looked up, I felt led to ask the Ice Cream Man if anyone had talked to him yet? Through an Interpreter, he said, “No.” I knew then that this was what the Lord was asking me to do. My Interpreter was wearing a mask with a simple gospel presentation through pictures called the 3 circles. I began to share with my new Mexican friend how God had created a perfect world, but we had all fallen and now lived in a broken world. As much as we tried to go back to the world of perfection and love, we couldnot get back to it. We would try many things to escape our brokenness, but it always pulled us back in. I even said that sometimes we try religious activities such as church or good works to escape, but none of it works. We are left empty. The little man asked, “Then how do we get to God? If church and good works can’t get us to God, then what can we do?” I replied, “That is a great question and the Bible answers it!” I proceeded to tell him about Jesus and how He had made a way back to God. The man was taken back. He never knew this. No one had ever told him.

That day the “Holy Nudge” led me to share with an Ice Cream Man the way to Jesus. I am sure he didn’t think the God of the Universe even knew he existed. Yet,God sent me to Mexico, to a little Pulga, in a border town, to share with this specific Ice Cream Man that Jesus loves him and died for him.

What about you?

Do you ever feel the “Holy Nudge?”

How are you allowing God to direct you to those that do not know Him?

Can I encourage you today to take a moment and ask the Holy Spirit who He may want you to talk to? Ask Him if He would “Nudge” you toward someone today that needs to experience His love. You may be surprised who He puts in your path.

One response to “The Holy Nudge…”

  1. I think I was NUDGED to LIKE your post.

    I wonder… where in the Bible are nudges? Can you point me there?




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