A Surviver’s Story


Today we have a unique episode where I will be interviewing Parker Maddox. Parker is a Surviver of Elite Child Human Trafficking, Child Porn, Ritual Occult Abuse, and Organized Crime Grooming. Her story is one of how God rescued, redeemed, and is still restoring and healing a life of darkness, shame, and brokenness  to beauty and wholeness. Her story may seem extreme to most listeners, but the loss, pain, and rejection she talks about most will identify with too closely. Parker’s story is one of hope and healing. Her battle to overcome is one we all can learn from and glean hope in the midst of whatever circumstance we are facing. Parker’s bigger story is that of Her savior and how He changed it all for her and can do the same for you! Hope you enjoy! 

To learn more about Awe Star Missions please visit us at www.awestar.org


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