The Kiss of Rejection

Have you ever felt the sucker punch of betrayal that leaves you in a hopeless state of rejection? Where your core is shaken and your standing in unbelief that this person you love would bow so low to swing so high?

I have.

And let me tell you, it’s deeply painful.

As I have walked this lonesome road, broken and beaten by words and disillusioned by the character of those I once respected, the Holy Spirit began to rub my hurting heart with His healing ointment. He began to show me that the kiss of rejection, is the springboard to the depth of my redemption.

Believe it or not, Rejection is not our enemy— it may just be the pathway to the open door for God‘s greatest work and purpose in your life.

Rejection tells us many things…

• Rejection tells me that God is at work in the backdrop. Matthew 2:12-23

• Rejection tells me that this closed door is moving me to the open door God has for me. Proverbs 3:5-6

• Rejection reminds me that my confidence, self-esteem, deepest needs to feel loved and valued can never be completed in a person, it can only be found and met in my Savior. Psalms 139:13-14

• Rejection shouts that my brokenness is still being made whole and one day I will stand complete mirroring the image of my Savior. Psalms 34:17-20

• Rejection takes me places in my relationship with Jesus that I could never get apart from the deep pain that exposes my unchecked emotions with the Truth of God’s Word. Psalms 23:1-6

• Rejection forces me to remember that this is not my home and it assures me that there are better days coming. Luke 6:22-23

• Rejection preaches to me that His spirit in me gives me power to overcome every stick hurled at me and every slanderous stone made about me. That this gospel that redeemed me is worth giving to others and that forgiveness on the Cross was not just shed for me but it was shed for all those who have been plagued in their sins and walked the valley of rejection. 2 Corinthians 12:9

• Rejection is my platform to walk out my faith in a way that brings God greater glory 1 Peter 2:23

• Rejection Is a gentle prod for me to evaluate if what I’m doing in obedience is worth the cost. John 18:36

• Rejection keeps me in check and helps me grow my faith to trust God with things I can’t control. Jeremiah 29:11

• Rejection forces me to examine my pride and humbly submit it to the cross and let his blood wash over me again. James 4:10

• Rejection was the theme of my savior and who am I to think that it shouldn’t be the theme of my testimony as well. John 15:18

• Rejection is my litmus test of how much I really trust God. Romans 8:28

• Rejection is my fight song to the presence of God and it drives me to dig deep into that agape love that only comes out when I’m pressed past my own selfishness and self-centered love. Psalms 27:3-5

Anytime you face rejection it’s a neon sign from God to evaluate your direction. Philippians 3:13-14

You see….

• Jesus was rejected before he was ever born John 1:11

• Jesus was rejected by those he loved and he chose to be in relationship with. Isaiah 53:3

• Jesus was rejected by the very church he came to redeem. Psalms 118:22

• Jesus was rejected by masses of religious people and to this day often sets as the outsider in his own church. Luke 4:14-30

Rejection is an assault on your heart to steal your vision. The Bible says,” The pure in heart, will See God.” Matt 5:8

I refuse to let the enemy take my vision! So I have learned I must guard my heart with the promises of God over the acceptance or approval of man.

Sometimes all I can pray is, “ God I trust you.” Over and over again.

But, To those that have rejected me, criticized me, slandered me, slammed doors in my face, and rallied an army to oppose me- I forgive you. I bless you. I pray for you. I want to thank you for driving me to greater dependence on God. I don’t oppose you, but I am greatly humbled by God’s gift to me through your opposition. My faith is stronger because of you. I’m contending more for the presence of God because of your harsh words and biased assaults. I need Jesus more because of you. This is the greatest gift I could ever be given. I’m indebted to you. My vision is more clear and my mission is more sure, because of your rallied opposition. I am stronger because of you.

You see, God in His Sovereignty often allows rejection to set us up to face the very wounds We have hidden deeply in the recesses of our heart. He takes us back to the slave caves of Egypt and demands We break the chains that hold us mentally and emotionally in bondage. He refuses to let us go forward until We go backwards and deal with hidden pain. So often we run from pain, but pain is actually the springboard to healing.

The pain tells us where to look and where the source of the wound begins. It is at the core of our pain that we must pour the ointment of healing that only the Holy Spirit can administer.

When we experience harsh rejection it forces us to choose at the intersection of bitterness or forgiveness. The enemy waits to ensnare us, God waits to set us up for more of His presence.

Forgiveness is a willful act of trusting God to deal with the injustice you experienced and choosing to love despite how the other person responds to you.

It is the one thing that Jesus said will keep us from receiving His love and His forgiveness.

So we must forgive everyone, everything, every time.

When we forgive those that reject us- we display and authenticate the power of the gospel to a world blinded in darkness. That same power that rests in us to forgive those that treat us wrongly or hurt us deeply, is the same power that redeems us from our atrocities against a perfect God.

It’s Jesus.

His Name.

His Blood.

His Power!

Would you join me in praying a dangerous prayer over your heart?

Lord help me to walk in your heart of compassion, love, and unrestricted forgiveness toward others. Help me to serve and honor those that dishonor me and work against your plans in my life . I trust you with those that oppose me. I trust you with those that seek my harm. I trust you with those that speak against me. I choose to love, forgive, serve, and do right to those that have hurt me. Give me your grace to walk in your forgiveness.

God let me never withhold from others what you have so freely lavished upon me, forgiveness…

Today I choose to reject- Rejection!

I willingly embrace the kiss that leads me to greater intimacy in you. I choose to validate the power of the gospel to a watching world who desperately needs your forgiveness.

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