Permission to Grieve

Check out my latest podcast. I believe for many this season it will encourage your heart and maybe give you insight into your own loss and grief as well as give some practical ways to encourage those around you who are hurting. Thank you Racheal Edwards for your friendship, authenticity, and powerful insight into walking this healing journey through Grief.

Join Peggy Nunley, President of Awe Star Missions, as she talks with Rachel Edwards, LMFT as they discuss Grief, mourning, and loss. American culture leaves little room for the expression of grief and as you listen today our prayer is that you will be given ‘Permission to Grieve’ and embrace your journey of healing from deep loss. Peggy and Rachel both share their personal journeys from unexpected loss and overcoming the stigma of shame with loss from addiction and suicide. They both also address how stuckages in the grief process from lack of closure or unforgiveness can be a roadblock to healing. 

Awe Star Missions is a Discipleship Ministry doing Jesus Ministry in every nation, tribe, and tongue! 

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