”Walk of Freedom 2022” with A21-Tulsa (Combat Human trafficking)


Today is a great episode that will be informative, challenging, and give you action tools to take a stand against injustice in your own city. I have with me today A21 Campaign- Tulsa Representative & host of this year’s Freedom Walk, Ann Marie Hayden from The Assembly in the Broken Arrow Rose District. We will be discussing how diverse organizations are combatting Human Trafficking in Tulsa and how you can be involved in the “Walk of Freedom” happening October 15, 2022 at The Assembly- Rose District Campus in Broken Arrow at  8am. At the walk you will hear Survivor stories from actual Survivors , State Task Force experts, be connected with incredible organizations standing against the sex industry in our city, silently walk with hundreds of others praying against this darkness, and learn how to protect your children from being at risk.

You can literally join a movement happening all over the world to combat injustice! 


To learn more or register for the walk please go to https://www.a21.org/shop-event.php?intid=1783 OR go to Facebook @A21Tulsa 


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