”Raising Gen Z to Walk in the Power and Purpose of God” Part 2


How do we reach a generation who is griped by fear, oppressed with depression & anxiety and has more unbelievers than any generation? Gen Z is the most fatherless generation to walk the planet and at this point the most unearthed with the gospel. What the church has been doing isn’t working. This is Part 2 of Raising Gen Z to walk in the Power and Purpose of God! 

Take a listen as Trai and Keege Elliot with Overcomers Ministry discusses with Peggy Nunley how God is using their story to IMPACT Gen Z and what God is about to do in Tulsa Oklahoma.  Our prayer is that your heart will be encouraged and the Holy Spirit would stir a fire for you to join us in a movement to reach Gen Z with the gospel in power! November 4-5, 2022 we invite you to join us for a youth MVMT in Tulsa to reach, restore, and Activate this generation in the power and purpose of God!

 God Bless you! Hope you enjoy! 


Awe Star Missions is a Discipleship Ministry doing Jesus Ministry in every nation, tribe, and tongue! www.awestar.org 

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