”Raising Gen Z to walk in the Power & Purpose of God” Part 3


So excited for this  podcast to be released 🔥🔥It is Part 3 of a series on “Raising Gen Z to walk in the power & purpose of God” I actually got to interview Gen Z ( Ben 14, Ella 15) and hear from them their perspective on what their generation is facing, what they wish church leaders knew and how they are believing God for Revival in their generation! You will be blessed! ✌️

We are answering the question in this podcast series, How do we reach a generation who is griped by fear, oppressed with depression & anxiety and has more unbelievers than any generation? Gen Z is the most fatherless generation to walk the planet and at this point the most unreached with the gospel. What the church has been doing isn’t working. This is Part 3 of Raising Gen Z to walk in the Power and Purpose of God! 

 God Bless you! Hope you enjoy! 

Awe Star Missions is a Discipleship Ministry doing Jesus Ministry in every nation, tribe, and tongue! www.awestar.org 

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