Marked By God in Revival

On February 17, 2023, I loaded my kids into my car and began a 13-hour drive to Willmore, KY to Asbury University. My prayer for 13 hours was, “God Mark my children like you marked me!”

Back in 1998, I visited Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Fl along with my mentor as a 21 year old college student. We stood in line for hours, in what would later be called the “Brownsville Revival”. The revival which began on Father’s Day in 1995.

At 21 years of age I was marked by God through the massive outpouring of His Spirit on my generation. My vision for what church should be was forever changed. My heart for the lost was erected as I saw thousands of people respond in one sweeping invitation. From this experience, I was forever Marked with a desire for His Harvest and the longing for His return.

My faith was forever changed by the Brownsville Revival.

As I stood in line for multiple hours, I found that in front of me were four Australian Atheists. They had travelled halfway around the world to prove God was not real. These Atheists stood in line declaring they would show the world God was not real after they had visited the service and left unaffected. I knew my place in line was by divine order. So, I prayed asking God to touch them, to save them and to awaken them to Him. I even tried to share the gospel with them, but they rejected it and me.

However, I will never forget what I saw during the invitation time. A young girl stood and began to sing, “Mercy Seat” and I watched those Australian Atheists literally run to the altar, weeping under their own conviction. They DID NOT prove God was not real, but God PROVED He was real and so was His love for them. He literally flipped their script and began writing a new story line over their lives! This encounter marked me. I saw the impossible become possible! Revival became the longing of my heart. For the last 25 years I have prayed for another outpouring like I experienced at Brownsville!

I now desire for my children and their generation to be marked like I was in 1998.

After 13 hours on the road, my son and I decided to go and get in line and wait until we would be able to go into The Hughes Auditorium. In 30-degree, bitter cold weather we waited for four long hours.  People around us were freezing. Yet, no one complained. The people were speaking with anticipation on what God might do when we got inside the auditorium.

The school placed gas heaters along the walkway to try and help people stay warm. Asbury staff came by walking the line, apologizing for the cold and the long wait.  Others ordered hundreds of pizzas and told the pizza guy to walk down the line feeding anyone who was hungry. Others came by and offered water or Gatorade. The generosity was overwhelming.

At 11pm my son and I entered The Hughes Auditorium. Believe me, the freezing cold weather and the long wait was well worth it. The presence of God was there. Amazingly though, He was just as strong outside in the line, as He was in the chapel.

The four hours we stood in line we were experiencing Him, through conversations and prayers being prayed and worship being expressed. His manifest presence was literally all around us. The peace, grace, favor and love was overwhelming.

The next morning, I went back with the rest of my family, but this time the line wrapped around the university for miles. We decided to bypass the line and go to the lawn in front of The Hughes Auditorium. Students, everywhere, began to breakout in spontaneous worship, reading of scripture and prayer as we waited for the auditorium to open at 1 pm.  

The presence of God started moving throughout the crowds. I began praying with multiple students. One desired to be reconciled to his mother. Another had just gotten saved two nights before and had brought all her friends with her. Others just wanted more of His presence. The atmosphere was consuming, and the tangible presence of God was breathtaking. He was present and everyone knew it.

I experienced and witnessed three important marks at Asbury.

1.          Hunger – deep hunger for more of the manifest presence of God. Hunger that is contagious and unrelenting. Students and adults alike were desperate for more of God. They were willing to wait, go hungry, be cold, and stand for hours. It was insatiable.

God, give us more Hunger for You and Your presence! God, would You mark my children and their generation for a Hunger the world cannot satisfy!

2.          Healing – sweet, authentic, gentle healing.  Students felt seen, students felt loved, and students felt safe. I saw the healing of a wounded generation, as the Love of the Father reached down and touched their hearts. Not only were they being healed, but everyone that came was also experiencing His healing.

Church wounds were being soaked and wrapped in the healing balm of Gilead. Those who had been offended with the church and religion, were reconciling their heart back to the heart of the Father. They were experiencing His love in unmeasurable ways. Deep supernatural healing that could only happen in the manifest presence of God, was happening in the chapel, overflows, on the lawns, and in the lines. It was beautiful.

God, would You mark my children and their generation through the healing love of the Father.

3.          Humility – Over twenty times I heard the Asbury leadership use the phrase, we must “bow low” and honor the holiness of the moment God has called us to steward. Serve one another. Be kind to those around you. “Bow Low” and honor His spirit in this hour. I witnessed graceful servanthood from students, staff, and crowds of strangers. Radical generosity from people I literally just met and stood uncomfortably in lines of controlled chaos. There was a gentle kindness as people preferred others above themselves. The humility was contagious.

God would You mark my children and their generation with a “Bow Low” heart and passion, serving others before themselves and expressing radical generosity, and kindness to those You have called them to serve.  

I asked the question after leaving Asbury,

“How will this new marking change me, my children, and what is my responsibility to others?”

Lord help me, to encourage others to passionately pursue Your manifest presence above all else. That they would love You more, desire You more, and give all to You quicker. Gift them with deep hunger, Supernatural healing, and “Bow Low” Humility.

Friend, if you are reading this today, I challenge you.

Are you hungry for more of the manifest Presence of God?

 If not, Cry out!  He promises, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled!” Matt 5:6

Do you need healing? Emotional healing? Mental healing? Physical healing?

We have a Promise. Exodus 15:26, tells us that God is “The Lord who heals us”. He desires to heal you from the inside to the outside! Just ask Him. He sees you. He hears you. He desires to touch you today!

Have you found yourself on the other side of humility? Full of pride, religion, and criticism?

Repent! “Bow Low” so He can be exalted high! James 4:10 says, “ Humble yourself before the Lord, and He will lift you up!”

Friends it’s time we bring Revival home! Lord let it start with me!

One thought on “Marked By God in Revival

  1. Peggy I am so grateful God has allowed me to serve with at this time in my life🥰. I have been moved out of my comfort zone during the many events i have followed you in. Thank you 😊 You are a blessing to all who come in your presence ❤️



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